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Day 12 - Merry Christmas! The 12th Day of Our 12 Days of Christmas Music Celebration!


Merry Christmas everyone! I promised my family I would spend the day with them, but how could I forget Day 12? It is our gift to you on this Christmas day. Over the course of the last 12 days it became more and more clear to me that people from across the country and the world stop in to visit the "Shoppe" through the power of Social Media and the internet. I aboslutely love doing this and will have to improve reinvent it for next year! What do you think? While this is the last day of our Christmas celebration, I hope you'll stop in from time to time to see everything we are doing for 2015.  I love the Piano Guys and discovered this gem. Don't you love it when American Idol alumni that seemed to have vanished, return (a.k.a. David Archuleta!)? The true talent is always the one that goes unnoticed. Good for him.  

Merry Christmas to one and all. ~ Brian






Do You Wanna Shop For Snowmen? Day 10 of our 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration



Do you wanna shop for snowmen? The Shoppe is full of them during this time of year whether a pattern, printed on fabric or as a teapot or ornament. All you have to do is look around you! Snowmen are magical for we only get to enjoy them at this special time of year. The memories of building a snowman is universal for those of us in colder climates. However, even if you live in a warmer climate, hopefully you've had the experience of a Winter's chill once in your lifetime! Waking up at 5am as a child to find a blanket of white in the silence of a dark sky - always stirred my imagination...stirring the magic of possibilities...of school being closed. Ba ha ha ha ha ha. 


It was the song that melted the hearts of millions. 



At times creativity can feel like you are living within a certain set of walls your entire life. You completely invite others in which leaves you vulnerable to opinions, judgments and at times...negativity. I equate it to Elsa. You have no idea what people are going to say or do once they know you can build an ice castle. LOL. However, it is the joy and love that is expressed through those familiar faces which come through the door, that make it all the worthwhile. Love afterall....keeps your heart "thawed." I wonder if that will be the name of a sequel? LOL. 

Since we had the crash of the website server earlier this week...Day 11 will be coming to you tonight. Day 12 will arrive on the most magical day of the year. 

In the meantime, if you have snow....put your cares away and go out and build a snowman. Hurry now...before they melt away. ~ Brian


Let the Christmas Spirit Ring - Day 8 & Day 9 of Our 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration!



Are you ready for Christmas? I may be rushing things...but we are celebrating Day 8 and 9 of our 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration! It's been a bit crazy around here after that Server crash. I mean really? Of all the times to have a "crash." I'll give an Elf in my Eggnog if I got anything done at all! Seeew how about we celebrate with good ole' Brenda and rock around our Christmas trees? After's a song that celebrates my blog's namesake. You bring the tinsel and I'll bring the jello mold complete with Gracie's kibble. "Deck....the halls with boughs of holly!" 




Out of all of the displays I have enjoyed this year, it is this one that brings me joy. The "Mothership" helped me with this one and I honestly don't want to take it down. We mounted two of our old vintage doors on the backside to create a warm Winter welcome. That garland greenery is of the highest quality and sprinkled with snow. How about that vintage lightbulb garland? Do you see it? Look closely. Super adorable. I literally could go on and on with this display. 

Of course I just had to focus on this initial. Gee...have no idea why???? "B" stands for "Boughs", "Brenda" and..."Brian." 


The Glass Star ornament below is actually two sided. On one side is the snowman...and on the other is a Santa! How adorable? And I love the color. This was one of the Shoppe favorites as we only have a small number of them left. I should point out that the snowman at the top of the page is the Glass Snowflake and just like the star, it too is two sided. We are sold out of the beads, but don't forget your Jolly Icicle Ornament! Don't worry about this year, get them for next year. The thing with Christmas can never get it all at once seeew you add a bit here and a bit there each year. 


If you are "Frozen" obsessed, you know that Snowmen became all the rage with the arrival of Olaf. In fact, I believe I once said Snowmen were going to be huge this year. The secret though is...they've always been huge. You can leave anything Snowmen-related out long after the holiday is over. With that said, you might as well get to stitching a new project. Anne Sutton (who will be a presenting designer at Homespun & Holly in 2015 - register now) created a wonderful collection of red and white fabrics called, "Winter Wonderland." Our staff member, Christine, recently finished this sample called Christmas Wheels and it's just too darn cute. The men in your life will appreciate the nod to the automobile. You will appreciate that it is a smaller project which means actually finishing the project is completely possible. Kits are a great way to go as one woman reminded me...because her children will know what she planned on making them when she died.

Um...??? Merry Christmas?! 



I love it when people get creative with their ornaments. Not every ornament has to go on your tree. Adding ornaments to your garlands and table centerpieces is certainly something that comes to mind. What about including an ornament on your gifts to your loved ones or friends? It's always those little touches that show a little extra Christmas magic that can brighten someone's day! 


I showed you the Little Lollies Lollipop using reds and greens on Day 5, well here is our Winter version complete with luscious candy reds and cool, crisp winter blues. The sashing is an aqua dot...the lighting was not cooperating this morning as it's pretty gray outside. I do believe this is my personal favorite of all of the versions we've made of this pattern. It's definitely a Winter dream! Melissa, Melissa, Melissa....her quilting is always creative. 


Seeew...this concludes Day 8 & 9.  Again, my apologies for the combination. We had the issues with our web server over the weekend, which definitely interfered with the daily flow of things but we are back to normal and the website is working! As a reminder, we are open Tuesday, December 23 from 10am until 5pm and then we are closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. We will be open on December 26 & 27 from 10am until 5pm. 

If you are out there in the hustle and bustle....hopefully you get some time to enjoy a little Christmas! ~ BrianUnnamed-27


It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration!



It's always fun to see the things my little eight year old niece, Jenna selects when the "Mothership" takes her shopping.  I must say she has good taste because it certainly reminded Uncle Brian of Andy Williams and my next favorite Christmas song...."It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"


Certainly an interesting color combination isn't it? Definitely the 1960's! As they say "retro and vintage is in" but I have to wonder, "Did it ever really go out?" I don't think so. I think as we head into the future, the vintage treasures of the past appeal to us more. For they often remind us of a simpler time much like our favorite quilts. 

The "Mothership" also did a little of her own shopping and got this amazing aqua chicken for her kitchen. O.K. So I missed the head part...but you can get the overall idea. I love it and it looks amazing with her Paper Whites. 


Just an FYI, I'm coming to you from the Mothership's home as we've had our share of technological difficulties over the last two days. The server that hosts our website apparently crashed and is being worked on as we speak seeew the only thing I can do right now is create blogs. The server is not anything we have control over and our host provider is keeping us updated....and as of 7:27pm on Sunday 12/21, it's still not fixed. If you are trying to register for the 7th Annual Homespun & Holly, click the links in the Day 6 post to register. If you type in your browser, you won't get anywhere at the moment. 

In the meantime, enjoy the other two items that caught Jenna's eye! She's definitely onto something! Personally, I think she needs the dress. LOL. 

I'll be back with more from the Shoppe and Day 8! Such a wonderful time it is! ~ Brian




Homespun & Holly Workshops! November 13, 14 or 15!



After a very successful S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop with an entirely new seating arrangement, we are pleased to announce that we have added seats to all three days of our popular "Homespun & Holly!"  Registration for our 7th Annual "Homespun & Holly" is now available on our website .

This year, for our Shoppe's 10th Anniversary, we are excited to share that there will be five designers presenting at the workshop! 

Our guest designers are.....

Meg Hawkey from Crabapple Hill Studios 

Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs

Barbara Groves of Me & My Sister Designs

Sherri Falls of This & That

Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater

The workshop is a one day only workshop and is offered on:

Friday, November 13 2015

Saturday November 14 2015

Sunday, November 15 2015.

Three days to select from. All designers will be presenting each day. 

If you've never attended "Homespun & Holly" before, it's all explained here.<-------Click that. 


This event is truly a Shoppe favorite, not just for the fans...but for us as well. First of all, I say this every's like old friends coming together! Many have attended all six years and they always blend in perfectly with the newcomers. Secondly, it is the one thing that my mom and I get to work on...together, which of course reminds me of when I was a young one helping her with our Christmas decorations at home. For 2014 she decided to share her personal collection of Radko ornaments as part of the holiday decor, bringing our own traditions to the event. She's been collecting these since the 90's and since my memory doesn't miss a beat, I remember every trip we took to places like Sleighbells and Christmas at The Zoo to find them!  It looks like a lot, but let me tell you that's not even half of them. She had 15 more bins to unpack but I finally convinced her to call it a night. It would have went on forever. My point is...we go above and beyond to make this event special. 




I love our new Workshop & Event space. At the end of last year we decided we wanted all of our operations on one floor. This included our kit room, our stock rooms, our offices and our classroom. For much of 2014 we continued to offer sales so that all of our extra inventory could fit in one location, and we achieved that goal. If you are one of those folks who keep asking me if we "still have the side with all of the brights"....take a look. It's now a classroom! The ladies at this year's event seemed to love it too! No elevator to go back and forth anymore! Bliss.  


Photo 1-1

When we do not have workshops in progress, it is the "Mothership's" workstation, sewing studio and classroom for some our smaller classes which will be available later in the beginning of the year. After the event we started putting everything back to how it was and my personal favorite cabinet is the one with the quilts tucked in ever-seeew-perfectly. Sherri Falls was kind enough to leave a few of her mini samples below. 

Photo 2-2

B.T.W. That serves as a wonderufl counter for Priscilla Queen of the Dessert to make her wonderful and always welcome....appearance. The catered luncheon included many of her amazing pasta and salad dishes. 

Here are just a few of the delicious eats I captured....


As for the projects, the designers truly created some cute holiday creations and I did not get any photos! I will ask the designers and post as soon as I get some pictures!  Remember, the supplies for the projects are included in the cost of the workshop as is instruction by four nationally known designers. A workshop for one designer at this level can be $150 to $200. For $200, at this event and this event get five (5) nationally known designers, five projects and the supplies for all projects, a catered luncheon, an exclusive discount, holiday cheer and plenty of memories! *Sigh* If I have to explain what Christmas Cheer is....I'll send you a few Christmas albums. I've got a stash! 

All in all, it was a great time and I can't wait for 2015! Seriously, don't miss out on this workshop. My mom knows how to do it right. No pressure or anything.  ~ Brian








A December Prayer - Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration!



Welcome back to Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration. I recently discovered Idina Menzel's "December Prayer" and found it to be the perfect music for our Fig Tree inspiration. For the "Boughs of Holly" faithful, you already know that my Idina Menzel fan-dom began long ago with "Rent" & "Wicked." "Frozen" simply put her into mainstream.



Anyway, the song is beautiful and it for some reason or another, evokes memories of my grandma who passed away three years ago this month. I can't help to "here the song within the silence." I was 37 at the time and had never experienced loss so for me I kept asking, "Where did she go?" Maybe that was a little naive, but it was honest. I had all of the memories, but her physical presence was no longer. Songs like this then come along and suddenly I am reminded...she's "dancing in the air" and she's in everything beautiful. Seeew if you don't mind...I'm not going to give product descriptions. I am simply humbled to share the spirit and the beauty of the season...with each of  you. 

For anyone who has lost a loved one this song reminds me that even in loss...our angels are dancing the song of the silence."Open your heart....look around and listen" especially at Christmas. I'm thinking of quite a few of you. You're never alone. ~ Brian















Jingle Bells, Table Runners & Winners! - Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration!



Merry Christmas ladies (and gentlemen). Due to technical difficulties I am blogging at 3am. I know. Insanity, right? Where am I getting this energy? In order to tend to my other responsibilities during the day, I have to blog at night. That's ok though as I have Michael Buble and the Puppini Sisters cranked up to keep me awake! In fact, I've even included a timer to make sure I don't go over my alotted time! 




I do have the names of the winners of our three Charm Packs from the other day...but first, let's talk about Jan's Breakfast Club! The next club date will be Saturday, January 24 and everyone is welcome to register now. For those who are late to the show, the "Mothership" is Jan, my mom and fellow owner. I refer to her as the "Mothership" as it is not natural for me to say, "Jan" and I get annoyed with, "my mom...." Are we golden? Good....Oh and btw...I'm a male. Shocker..right?

The Breakfast Club is the "Mothership's" monthly club that meets one Saturday per month from 9am until 11am. During the club she provides a kit of her selected project and a catered breakfast snack. Tips and techniques to complete the featured project are shared and everyone is invited to bring their favorite project for a "share and tell." Afterwards an Open Sew is held for participants so everyone is encouraged to bring their sewing machine. 

For November, the "Mothership" selected a simple project using the enchanting Solstice collection by Kate Spain.  


This month was a little different. Instead of providing a kit, the "Mothership" decided she'd switch it up and have the participants select their own fabrics. With the help of our staff member Deb, she began cutting several strips of reds, greens and whites! P.S. Remember how I've told you in previous years how everything in a quilt shop is labor intensive? This is one of those examples...


Aren't they enchanting? 

The ladies from Table 1 were soon given the task of selecting their reds for their project...which they have not seen at this point. Decisions...decisions. The great thing about this process is that the "Mothership" made sure every print was workable. Seeew even if it appeared to be challenging, the reality was that anything they selected would work. Don't you love the creative process?


The ladies from Table 2 soon joined the selection process and as you can see it was quite the study. Observations, equations, formulas, calculated planning, the advance study of color was all being done before our very eyes! 



Somebody came to class today.

It was clear  that the ladies of Table 3 had this project in the bag as they selected their whites. Unforunately I wasn't able to catch anyone gathering their greens. 

May I just add how lovely it is to have one store and one store only? We definitely love having our Event Room and Sewing Studio on the main floor. It's bliss. It really is. 


After one and all had gathered their fabrics, the "Mothership" revealed the project they would be making. 


Isn't it cute? The "Strippy & Bright" Table Runner was designed by Bonnie Olaveson of Cotton Way (and um...Camille Roskelley's mom) for You'll have to register to the website to get the complete pattern. 

Of course, we couldn't just make one.

The "Mothership" was enjoying this project seeew much she made two (and a third one ...just for on the way)! Here is the second one and as you can see it is far more scrappy! Cute and simple....what more could you want during this busy time of year? 


For the scrappy version she used a variety of our Mini Christmas Novelties (which are getting very thin P.S.), Not Even A Mouse and Home For The Holidays by Riley Blake. No kits were made seeew I'm afraid you will have to do just what these lucky gals did and select them...yourself.

"Oh no he didn't!

Mmmm...yes I did. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

Remain calm...I was kidding. I get a little sassy at 3am...and I am totally going to feel this tomorrow around 2pm. I will literally be sprawled across my desk which will horrify our staff. 

Look at how cute the Mini Novelties and Not Even A Mouse are....perfect for the little ones! And of course we have Fat Quarters available in all of the prints both in-store and on our website


Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! Who will the lucky winner's be from our contest on Day 2?

First let me say this...We both read every comment and I have to say, they are very entertaining! It definitely allows us to get to know you each a little better. Seeew, thank you for that! We appreciate the dedication many of you have for the Shoppe! 

The winners are selected by the Random Number Generator and they are...."Amy", "Patty Davis" and "Wendy In NH!" 

Congratulations to each of our winners and thank you again to everyone who participated and shared their obsessions! Winners, please contact the Shoppe at to arrange delivery of your prize!

I should add, we are looking for two new people to join our team. Our little Niki (who started here when she was just 16 so long ago) has graduated college and is stepping into the "real world." Congratulations to her! Another member is going to have a surgery that will keep her out for at least six months and we send her many positive thoughts! Seeew if you are passionate for details, exciting, can multi-task, have quilting knowledge and know your quilting product, send us a resume to 

I will leave you now by sharing with you that our original Jovial Trees Quilt sample is up for sale. We have since made a new one and well, we don't need two! The quilting on this one is phenomenal and attention to detail Melissa Hoffman used in manuevering those three dimensional trees is impressive. It's a visual stunner! I even showed you a little "leg" - by folding up the backing seeew you could see. All fabrics in the quilt were from the Jovial collection by Basic Grey.  It will be on the website by end of today! 




 I'll be back soon to the jingle of a few bells ~ Brian




Covered With A Quilt Of Snow - Day 3 of Our Christmas Musical Celebration!



Do you like snow? I like it seeew much that....

"I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow...." Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha. 


Everytime I watch this, I laugh. Anyone notice the mysterious hand pouring the drinks? Maybe it's because of the way their posture is in this video...they remind me of audio-animatronics in the Carousel of Progress. Um...what? LOL. Personally, I love the formality and wish we saw that elegance more often today. It's one of my favorite songs during this time of year and I can't wait to "see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow...."


As I shared yesterday, the Shoppe is full of vintage holiday gift items. It's all 25% off right now, so if you still need some decorative items for your holiday entertaining, or as a gift...come on in! My personal favorites are the Mercury glass trees. They are visually stunning especially with candlelight. I might have to get a better picture in the days ahead. The little boxes with the musical notes make great gift boxes and perfect for a gift card to Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe! I should note that if you are planning to have a Hollyhill Gift Card  mailed to someone, it's a good idea to get those orders in no later than December 18 for timely delivery. All gift cards are mailed in the USPS Flat Rate Priority for $5.50. This allows us to track the package should anything happen to it. If Santa is looking to visit the Shoppe personally and pick up gift cards, you all want to make sure he knows he will have Monday, December 22 and Tuesday, December 23 to do seeew as we will be closed on Christmas Eve. 

Check out December Hours here


I do have a pre-announcement to share with all of you today! I am happy to report to you that our 2015 Homespun & Holly Designers have been confirmed as well as the dates. Our 7th Annual Homespun & Holly will be held Friday, November 13, Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15, 2015. In 2015, the Shoppe will be celebrating 10 years! As an extra birthday treat, we will be bringing you five designers instead of four! This year we are pleased to welcome Meg Hawkey from Crabapple Hill Studios, Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs, Karla Eisenach from Sweetwater, Barbara Groves from Me & My Sister Designs, and Sherri K. Falls of This & That! There will also be new additions to the experience including assigned seats to ensure parties are sitting together, an exclusive "Homespun & Holly Shopping Pass" valid the entire three days of the workshop with an earlier start time, and more shopping time! 

Registration will be announced soon. I was just giving you a heads up....seeew no one misses out. I promise full coverage of this year's event very, very, very soon (*'s going to happen during my 12 Days of Christmas Music Celebration). 

Someone sent me an email asking what the quilt was behind the Cloche I showed yesterday. Seeew below I thought I'd give you more a peak. It's called Rosettes. It was our fastest selling 3 Sisters quilt kit ever! Unfortunately we no longer have kits but patterns are still available. 


Seeew, what is the "Mothership" up to? Well, we are both very busy with wrapping up end of the year priorities. I can tell you that in 2015 she's working on a new website for the Shoppe. It's long over-due and we are both thrilled at the new technologies that will A.) Make your experience better and B.) Make our lives a heck of a lot easier. I'm particularly excited for the rotating pictures! And good news for our in-store customers...she has been busy upgrading our registers so credit card transactions will process much faster starting this week (fingers crossed). We also have a new phone system that was just installed this weekend! Busy much? We will be adjusting to multiple lines so we thank you for your patience in advance. 

I have a new merchant to share with you that recently opened here in historic Willamette. is not one of ours.  We are pefectly content with just one store. A can of worms I might open and discuss later, but not now. Anyway, we have a new merchant for those of you who like to collect unique antique and vintage finds...


We like to get outside of these walls when the opportunity arises. It just seeew happens the "Mothership" knows owner, Kathy Frydenlund from when Kathy had a shop in a different location. Fleurs Vintage Charm is up at the end of the second block next to BJ Willy's. We visited with her on Saturday and I told her I'd include her on our blog. She's a welcome addition to our street and I appreciate merchants who do something different from established merchants. It is what makes districts like ours unique and just one more reason to visit more frequently and stay awhile. I'm a huge believer in shopping small business for any number of reasons but most importantly...I like it when I'm greeted by name which we try to do often around here. Lunch at Lil Cooperstown and dinner at Allium Bistro are of course...always recommended and make for a perfect day. Make sure that on your next visit to Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe you take a walk up to Fleurs Vintage Charm (pictured below)! 


Alright, that's it for now. How are we doing? Communicate with me. Are you enjoying? Are you sewing? Are you being naughty? Nice? Be sure to join me tomorrow for Day 4 and I'll have a winner announcement of the three charm packs from yesterday! Did you post? You have until 11:59pm on December 15 to post your favorite Christmas obsession on the post for Day 2. 

Snow....snow....snow! Back to work for me! ~ Brian

Wrapped In Red - Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Musical Celebration!



Today I thought we'd wrap ourselves in red...and love on some Kelly Clarkson holiday! Girl has pipes. Everybody happy?


Yes, if you've just joined us...for the next eleven days we are enjoying the sounds of the season to the sights of the season around the Shoppe! As I said in yesterday's post, part of the magic of the holiday for me is the music... seeew enjoy!

This year, the Mothership chose vintage ornaments to decorate our front tree, and many of them just happen to be "wrapped in red." The warmth of childhood memories come to life in vintage Christmas collections bringing new traditions to life for you and your family. Of course, I had to incorporate a snowflake on behalf of my "Frozen" obsession. Guilty as charged.


Aren't they gorgeous? Or as my niece would say, "unique." She seems to be obsessed with that word lately. When I was younger, the "Mothership" would seek out little shops wherever she was to find her most "unique" treasures (this is why you need to support your local brick and mortar small businesses). We'd then go home and start decorating trees. Yes, trees. Plural. There had to be one in the living room, family room, bonus room, entry way etc. My two brothers were nowhere to be found, but I relished opening every bin she'd haul in from the garage. Today is a different story. We spend seeew much time on the Shoppe, that by December, we barely have time to get our own trees up, if at all. But you you get older, all you want to do is wrap something in a little bit of "red" for others...


I love our holiday traditions at the Shoppe and our village houses always radiate merriment with every sparkle. These are not meant to simply be thrown out next year...these are keepsakes that you can pass on from generation to generation. Now some say that "Millenials" are not interested in this kind of thing, but I have a feeling once they get to a certain age...they will appreciate it oh-seeew-much more.  We really must keep the traditions and memories of the holidays alive within us all. As we look more and more through our iPads and would be a shame if one day we looked up...and there was nothing there anymore.

Think about it.


The "Mothership" often will create little scenes under a glass cloche at home. They do wonders for displays on your coffee table or kitchen island. I couldn't help but do one of my own using her box set of vintage ornaments  a bottle brush tree and a cake stand. The ornaments were a hit on our Instagram back in November, and as you can see we have just three more sets left! A great value, not only do you get the four overly cute ornaments, but you also get the vintage box. 

Now, I want to show you one of our brand new quilts using French General's La Fete De Noel collection. If there was ever something "red" to wrap yourself up in, this would be it! This is seeew new it hasn't been quilted yet...but we are both in love with it!  You can bet this will be a treasured quilt in the Shoppe for years to come! 


I'm totally getting images of peppermint swirling about right now. I'm sure many of you have a favorite warm beverage you could sip while wrapped in this...I'm being serious, it's super magical! Can you tell I'm already obsessed?

But then again we do love French General fabrics around here! How can you resist these traditional Christmas colors??


To end this post, I have a treat for you...leave a comment on THIS post telling me your favorite Christmas obsession and you can win one of three charm packs below. I'm awarding three people one of these gorgeous charm packs seeew start enchanting me in the comments below. You have until Monday, December 15 @ 11:59pm to post your comment. 

That's it for today...don't forget to "wrap yourself in something red" this Christmas and I will be back soon with Day 3 of my 12 Days of Christmas Celebration! ~ Brian



Our French Quarter Quilt Is Now For Sale. Was $800.00 Now: $450.00 - SOLD