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#homefortheharvest Instagram Photo Contest Winners



Today is a very special day! 


Because we are announcing our #homefortheharvest instagram photo contest winners! 

Before I get to that I have to extend a big thank you to those who participated! We really appreciate everyone taking the time to share their Thanksgiving traditions with us. I have a feeling this type of contest will only get more and more popular, seeew if you are not on Instagram yet, you might want to check it out! 

When selecting the winning photos we were all looking to see what stories were being told through not just the decorating but through the photo itself. Seeeew without further delay...let's get to it! Drum Roll please.....

Our $100 Gift Card Winner goes to....


Nancy Scott! Nancy loves to decorate with her collection of postcards sent by ancestors from around 1910. Her unique take on a table centerpiece definitely had us wanting an invite for some pie and to hear the stories of this fifth generation Oregonian! Congratulations Nancy! 

We also have two (2) $50 Gift Cards to award and those winners are....


Mindy Carlson! Mindy loves her vintage stone fruit which is part of her Thanksgiving table. We thoroughly enjoyed the attention to detail (garlands, pinecones, votives, monogram napkin) and have one question, "Um...can we eat yet?" Thank you Mindy and congratulations! 

Our final winner is....


Jodi Nelsons! Jodi will also receive a $50 Gift Card! Jodi chose to share some of her favorite Thanksgiving treasures and what we really loved here was how fresh and crisp everything looks. We can't help but that a vintage chalkboard in the background? A jar of fall leaves invites the outside in and is a nice creative accent. What a wonderful home to be invited into for the holidays. Congratulations Jodi! 

Ladies contact the Shoppe at to arrange your prize and again, congratulations. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo! Since this is the holiday season, it is the time for photos. Perhaps another contest will be on the way soon? 

I guess you'll have to wait and see:-)

It's 1:26am and...with the dawn of 40 comes a complete desire to be in bed. I'm no spring chicken anymore ya'll. 


Speaking of chicken, I love this chicken themed tree my mom did next to the farmhouse. What a fitting location for it...using that good ole' imagination. Now we just need a cow bell or the sound of a rooster when you open the door! Be sure to check out the hens that flock the tree. This year we have included ornaments in the pots around the tree seeew you don't have to wait for us to find ornaments. Seeew look there first! BTW, did you know we carry decorative ribbon in the Shoppe during this time of year? All ribbon is 25% off seeew ask our staff to show you. We've got golds, greens, reds and burlap. *Sigh* Do we really have to take this down in January? Can you believe I just thought that? It's only December 1! 

Night and congratulations to our winners! ~ Brian