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New Fall Wool Pinkeeps & "Why Yes...I Indeed Am A Male."



I swear to Madonna...I don't know how I am doing this everyday. Seriously. Work until midnight. Maybe a dance rehearsal here and a dance rehearsal there. The "Mothership" is jumping between kit planning and tree planning, ordering, solving the world's problems with a 8 year old, and we are still kickin'. 

Fortunately, we have you. Our loyal peeps. It is for the sole reason of your enjoyment that we decide to put ourselves through endless nights, sleep deprivation, etc. Eating sweets escalates at this time of year too as rather than sit down and enjoy a loving, healthy meal surrounded by people and a bunch of small talk, I make a dash for a cookie. I know. No lectures. Rapunzel, Elsa, any damsel in distress and isolation knows this feeling. And for the record...I am not a "daughter." Yes, ladies, my secret is out...I am...a male. I can't tell you how many emails I get that say, "Hi ladies...." or  "You and your daughter..." I know, I can hear the muttering. But I use the classic example...How do you feel when a letter for you is addressed to your husband? Or how do you feel when you go into a car dealership and the person only speaks to your husband? Isn't it off-putting? Mmmhmmm. Personally I enjoy my quiet time, seeew it's not that big of a deal (less time chatting means more time working) but...I'm not the "daughter." Last time I checked anyway. It's 2014, men are in the world of quilting and have been for quite some time. Soapbox 101 please. LOL. 

That's all. 


All the silliness aside, let's talk about FALL! Glorious, wondrous, iconic FALL! I love me some fall. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE it! Last Sunday we had an almost 80 degree day and I wished for a Snow Queen. I mean, how is anyone supposed to break out the hot cider when it's 80? It's one of the reasons I moved back home from Florida. I missed the seasonal changes along with the geography. 

While I have been bitching (I'm 100% honest), the "Mothership" and Christine have been stitching....these adorable new Pinkeeps from designer Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin (below)!  Our complete kits include plenty of luscious and dreamy hand-dyed wool, the pattern, embellishments including typewriter key and ribbon, thread and stabilizer! Is that not beautiful? Order on-line and have them shipped. You never have to leave your house! Um...are you a possible "Elsa?" Do you have secret icy powers? (*Frozen fans unite). I quesiton anyone who doesn't leave their house. 




Oh's a turkey! Remember in the "First Wives Club" (one of my favorite fall movies) when Annie tells Elise she looks like a "turkey?" 

"Elise...look at you, you have been yanked and stitched and stuffed and're a turkey!"


Best ever. It's always the first thing I think of when I hear the word, "turkey." Turkey Lurkey being a close second.

BTW...there is a plastic surgery center above the Shoppe now. Just an FYI for anyone needing a little bit.;-) Your secret will be safe with me. LOL. Hey now, I don't rat anyone out for not washing their hands in the bathroom either. Remember that? LOL. Ohhhh... how many times do I hear that urinal flush with the absence of hand washing! I could write a book.


Don't you just love a sunflower? Our new Simply Sunflower Wool Pincushion Kit is perfect for your sewing room during this harvest time! Whenever my mom goes down to California she makes an extra trip to stop at the Country Loft. I remember the first time she took me there...I fell in love. It was straight out of the world of my summer's in Tennessee with my grandma. Love this store. This is where my mom was introduced to designer Kathy Cardiff from The Cottage At Cardiff Farms, who designed this lovely pincushion.

Speaking of sunflowers....I see this every day when I drive to work. I think it's just amazing. 


My last project(s) are from Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill! The "Mothership" will be introducing our first B.O.M with Meg's "Snowglobe" seeew be watching for that soon! In the meantime, we love these new patterns from Meg for Halloween. They are just too darn cute! Pick one up and start on it for next year. Maybe we'll even offer a class in the year ahead! You never know!


Wow. Alright. It's time for me to have some lunch seeew be good, celebrate and have a good time! I'll be announcing the winner of that Winter's Lane Charm Pack soon seeew you might wanna hop on over to that post and leave a comment! ~ Brian