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April Showers Is Here!



After what seemed like an eternal winter, Spring has finally arrived here at the Shoppe! Behind-the-scenes the "Mothership" has been busy preparing lots of new exclusive quilt kits and creating a new sewing studio which the latter we will reveal later this year! Actually, it's more like a Sewing Studio/Event Room/Classroom. We really don't know how we want to describe it yet, but we do know that we don't want it to do I put this? Typical?

As for me, well you know....just singin' in the rain! 


C'mon. Admit it. You want to find a pair of tap shoes and a puddle! As I watch this I ask myself, "What keeps people from doing stuff like this...every day?" Um...pride? Fear? Wouldn't the world be a much more exciting place if people just dropped their iPhones and did something completely random like this? If I could have one free moment...I'd do it for ya! 

*Sigh* The magic of an umbrella.


Speaking of puddles, this quilt is called Puddle Jumping. If you look at it, it really does look like a variety of puddles spread out across the quilt. Picture it: The rain drop hits with the ripples spreading out from the center. We have kits made and ready to go! I think everyone should have one, especially if you love nautical looking quilts or quilts made with a variety of blues, aquas and greys. Leave it to Camille to create a new color trend. 


If you live in Oregon you will definitely appreciate this collection. Part of our springtime ritual is definitely the rain. I'm one of those rare breeds where the rain does indeed put a smile on my face. But let me just say this...contrary to those rumors, it does not rain here every day. In fact, we have some of the most beautiful Summer's that most often last well into September. When I lived in Florida all I ever was asked other than "What time is the 3 o'clock parade?" was, "You're from Oregon? Doesn't it rain there all the time?" Yes, and we only travel in wagons. 


Isn't it darling? The quilt above is called Rain Check and uses fabrics from Moda's newest collection, April Showers by Bonnie & Camille. The "Mothership" and Deb are busy making kits of this one as I type. The vintage inspired collection has everything from showers to flowers with darling dots and stripes in between.

Gasp! Look at those cheerful yellows, reds and apple greens, Mary Pat!


And Mary Ellen...just look at those umbrella prints. Mark my words, they will definitely be the first to go. That emerald dot is straight out of the Wizard of Oz! 


Darling. Just darling! 

B.T.W. The word for the day is....Darling. 


Bonnie & Camille much? Looks like we have Happy Go Lucky and some Scrumptious! Remind me to talk about the little vintage hexagon bulletin board the "Mothership" made. 

This mother-daughter team (B & C) are certainly putting out some great fabrics lately! But when don't they? Every collection is seeew darn cheerful comes that word again....darling! The quilt up top is called Spools and honestly, I don't think we will ever remove it. Made from a Jelly Roll, it's perfect for a quilt shop! It would also look amazing in your brand new sewing studio that you don't know you are going to have yet. Meaning, when you make Spools you can politely signal to your husband that "Hellooooo, I need a room where I can hang this."

See how that works? 

Master of manipulation. 

This next quilt is our Juggle Quilt Kit. We are glad to have Pam Rockwood back doing some of our quilting. Her idea for this quilt was brilliant! Everyone loves it. 


Alright, that's about it for me today. I have been sitting at a computer for two days in a row. My eyes hurt and I'm starting to get antsy. It's time to get out on the Shoppe floor and move some things around. We just received several more new fabrics seeew I'm setting up a Spring Cleaning Sale this week, March 25 through March 29 with fabrics at 30% off and even more at 50% off! They will be available in-store and on-line seeew enjoy it! 

New collections recently added are Bee My Honey by MaryJane Butters, Fig Tree's Mirabelle, and Bartholo-meow's Reef by Tim Beck. 

More is always on the way of course including new fabric collections from Windham, Andover, Marcus Brothers and Michael Miller! I'll definitely keep you posted on Facebook as they arrive!

Now, tell many times did I use the word darling? Post your answer in the comments and you could be the winner of an April Showers Charm Pack

That's all. For Now. ~ Brian 

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Koye Hendrix

I think you used Darling 6 times. I'd love to win some April Showers.


those quilts are lovely - thank you for showing them and for adding the Singing in the Rain clip. When I was a little girl I saw that movie and that was my favorite song. I remember one time begging to go out on during a summer rain storm so I could sing and dance to that song in our driveway (I was firmly convinced I looked like and sounded like Debbie Reynolds - I was 4)!

Nicole Christoffersen

6 times. But it's all darling, seeew I was surprised it's only 6! :)

Linda S

Seven times

Cynthia V

I count 7 darlings in your darling blog.

Michelle smith

My count is six.

Bobette Vikan

Brian, I think you are darling. Your Mom is so lucky that you are working with her. I love the new fabric lines. I think you used the word "darling" 5 times (or was it 6 times. I enjoy the blog and your emails. Wish I lived closer so I could visit your store. Hugs - from So. California

Lynda Malloy

Six times, for Darling, which all the collections and quilts you talked about are!

Elaine knippers

You used darling five times

Vickie Spradlin

6 times


If you count the darling that was in the sentence, "How many times did I use the word darling?" it's six times.


Darlings = 7 (I think) Loving the Bonnie and Camille April Showers - and we could do with some rain here!


Watching Gene Kelly sure was fun! I counted "darling" 6 times.


Oh, boy! I would love a pack of those DARLING fabrics! I count 7 times. Thanks for a chance!

Kathy McDonald

Hi Brian! You used the word "darling" 5 times (6 if you count the time you used it to ask the question of how many times you used it!). And I totally agree with you. . .Bonnie and Camille are darling, as is everything the create!


Six darlings.

Sarah Miller

I'm a fellow Oregonian, and it is lovely sunny weather we have been having for the beginning of Spring but I know it can't last.=)

Darling was used 6 times.

Lori R.

You used "darling" 7 times. Thank you for the fun!

Carolyn VanDel Harper

I counted your use of the word "darling" 7 times, Brian. Did I win, huh, huh....did I win?? By the way, great blog.....thank you for always making me smile when I read are the best!!

Jennifer Ball

So many fun projects in today's post! I think you used the word darling 7 times in the post!

Jo Ann Hunt

I love your blog and have promised myself a trip to your shops this year. Six times you used "darling" darling.

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