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Monday, March 24, 2014


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Koye Hendrix

I think you used Darling 6 times. I'd love to win some April Showers.


those quilts are lovely - thank you for showing them and for adding the Singing in the Rain clip. When I was a little girl I saw that movie and that was my favorite song. I remember one time begging to go out on during a summer rain storm so I could sing and dance to that song in our driveway (I was firmly convinced I looked like and sounded like Debbie Reynolds - I was 4)!

Nicole Christoffersen

6 times. But it's all darling, seeew I was surprised it's only 6! :)

Linda S

Seven times

Cynthia V

I count 7 darlings in your darling blog.

Michelle smith

My count is six.

Bobette Vikan

Brian, I think you are darling. Your Mom is so lucky that you are working with her. I love the new fabric lines. I think you used the word "darling" 5 times (or was it 6 times. I enjoy the blog and your emails. Wish I lived closer so I could visit your store. Hugs - from So. California

Lynda Malloy

Six times, for Darling, which all the collections and quilts you talked about are!

Elaine knippers

You used darling five times

Vickie Spradlin

6 times


If you count the darling that was in the sentence, "How many times did I use the word darling?" it's six times.


Darlings = 7 (I think) Loving the Bonnie and Camille April Showers - and we could do with some rain here!


Watching Gene Kelly sure was fun! I counted "darling" 6 times.


Oh, boy! I would love a pack of those DARLING fabrics! I count 7 times. Thanks for a chance!

Kathy McDonald

Hi Brian! You used the word "darling" 5 times (6 if you count the time you used it to ask the question of how many times you used it!). And I totally agree with you. . .Bonnie and Camille are darling, as is everything the create!


Six darlings.

Sarah Miller

I'm a fellow Oregonian, and it is lovely sunny weather we have been having for the beginning of Spring but I know it can't last.=)

Darling was used 6 times.

Lori R.

You used "darling" 7 times. Thank you for the fun!

Carolyn VanDel Harper

I counted your use of the word "darling" 7 times, Brian. Did I win, huh, huh....did I win?? By the way, great blog.....thank you for always making me smile when I read them...you are the best!!

Jennifer Ball

So many fun projects in today's post! I think you used the word darling 7 times in the post!

Jo Ann Hunt

I love your blog and have promised myself a trip to your shops this year. Six times you used "darling" darling.

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