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The Devil Blogs Moda...


When it comes to blogging I'm rather particular and I can't just splash up a notion and exclaim, "Ohhhh...gee...look! Another gadget." Perhaps that's my "male" nature. For the record I don't get excited for Craftsman power tools either. If I am in a Home Depot, it's usually more to gawk at the plantation style shutters. 


With this revelation I'm sure we will all understand one another better. 


Isn't this sophisticated? It's our Little Black Dress Vanilla & Blooms Quilt Kit. Lisa did a beautiful  job with the piecing. 

Anyway, I take my early morning hours very seriously. These very private few hours before 10am are complete bliss for the creative flow. How much I accomplish is based on a series of factors. As I said, I'm very particular. Was I able to get to my workout? (Stress and cubes of cheese with the occasional batch of cookies are wearing on me). Was someone in my parking spot when I drove in? Was the elevator empty or did I have to share it with someone on their cell phone?

Cell phone conversations in public always cause a certain "pursing" of the lips. 


Always a pleasure listening to someone else's personal business.

Uh...sorry you're getting a divorce? *AWKWARD*

Oh heck...I'm afraid I might be a little bit like her. 


"Somebody came to work today..."

In all seriousness...putting a blog together takes time and it usually has to take backseat to things like Shoppe displays, incoming inventory, uploading product to our website, planning upcoming quilt projects and my personal favorite...preparing backings for the over 200 finished samples in our Shoppe. 

Take this quilt for example made with Moda's "Curio" from Basic Grey. 


As you can see my choices for backing were plenty. It's always challenging when the "Mothership" isn't around.

Which one would she select? What would she do? 

When it's left up to me, I'm usually in a time crunch. Seeew when bindings have failed to be placed in their bin or I cannot find a quilt that was recently returned from being pieced - I'm kind of like this...

Somebody Who Came To Work Today: "What about the green for the backing?"  

Me: Um no. 

Somebody Who Came to Work Today: "What if we used a tonal?

Me: Tonal...for backing? Groundbreaking. No

Somebody Who Came To Work Today: "That brown polka dot would be pretty.

Me: Calm yourself. No. 


Trust me, I've read the rumors.

From some descriptions I very well could be the "Dragon Lady."

Not sure how that works for an image...but we'll go with it.

Much like in the fashion industry, "Quilt World" has lots of opinions whether solicited or not. Oh yes, everyone has an opinion. Would you like an example? "You shouldn't have the quilt up if you don't have a pattern." Hmmm...let's compare a quilt that costs a couple hundred dollars to make vs. the absence of a $8.00 pattern? I think I'm going to leave the quilt up and get some more patterns. At the same time there are a lot of people who want an opinion and when they ask us for ours we simply tell them...

We would do what we love and you should too!

And by the way... when the "Mothership" doesn't initially do what she loves, the project becomes a U.F.O. Abandoned and forgotten.

I suppose this may be why she has me around.

To continually pester? 


But just remember ( and I'm speaking to you Holly Berries)...

Just remember that this blue...


This not just blue. It's not Turquoise, it's not Lapis.

It's actually "Pond." 

And that "Pond"... represents millions of dollars and countless jobs. 

That's all. 

~ Brian


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I absolutely love your store and travel there
whenever possible. Gorgeous!
Now, onto the delicious pick is the second one up from the bottom with the stripey
one for binding or something a bit darker.
The quilt is beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on the little black dress quilt, the quilt designs are already haunting my brain.
See you soon!


love this...wish I could respond this way, but I work for attorneys and THEY are Miranda. Love that someone thinks you should just jump up and take down a quilt and replace it quickly because you don't have the pattern right now...seriously? I've never had the pleasure of seeing your store in person (I live in NH, it's a bit of a drive), but I've seen enough photos to know you and your staff put together an amazing shop and I know that doesn't happen in a few minutes. Love Pond...beautiful color.

Ramona Chester

I would use one of the all over prints - in Pond. Thanks for the fun read - and Basic Grey must truly understand Prada - because - they knew we all needed Little Black Dress!

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