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It's been awhile since I showed much going on at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe & Mercantile! Let's just say the last two months - I was focused on our Christmas store, "Boughs of Holly." While I've been away, the "Mothership" has been behind-closed-doors preparing several quilt kits using our "Potluck" collection by American Jane. Just look at the pile above. She's been busy! 

But here's a secret...stick with me and I'll take you on a "Peep" Show. 

Can I just send a shout out to Sandy Klop? I love her. She is as sweet as your grandma's apple pie. And if your grandma didn't make an apple pie, then...well...I feel sorry for you. In all fairness there isn't one Moda designer that isn't sweet. These people are very creative and definitely have a knack at bringing us some beautiful things, don't they? 

Seeew what is Jan kitting, Brian? I hear you. 

Well, since you've asked ever seeew politely, I'll show you. Because we all know the only reason you are here is for what I can show you. Right? I mean, you're not going to just randomly call me and say, "Hey, wanna get together for a game of Canasta?" Who are you kidding?


There she be! It's our Day Tripper Quilt. I can't help but think of a picnic, watermelon, apple pie...the sound of a lawn mower. No clue where that last image came from but suddenly I heard a lawn mower as I laid on a freshly mowed lawn. Because I have time to do that. Maybe it's my subconscious? Maybe I'm not even supposed to be here. 


You're looking at the Potluck pre-cuts. Fat Quarter Bundles, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes...we've got it all. Do you like the Fat Quarter arrangement? I will say that we have very dedicated staff here. They really do their best to keep up my displays and for that I am thankful. 

The collection is chalk full of primary colors and good basic prints. This time, Sandy has brought back some of her favorites such as the tape measure print, while introducing new prints including those adorable chicks. You may have noticed the 4 In 1 fabrics are back as well. The 4 In 1 fabrics are printed with two basic designs - checks and dots, but in different scales. If you've ever looked at an American Jane pattern and thought, "Well now...what collection did that fabric come from?" - check her 4 in 1 fabrics! 

But wait...there's more! Day Tripper isn't our only kit we have to offer. The "Mothership" has also prepared three other kits. When she's busy...she is busy. 

And of course...it's a process.

Pictured below are our Red Daisy kits in the assembly line. When we prepare kits - we do not prepare them on the sales floor. The biggest reason for this is we want to ensure accuracy with our cuts. Around here, kit preparation is an act of Congress as we have a system of checks and balances. As you will see illustrated in the picture below, each kit has a certain way we fold as a double check for accurate cuts and ample amounts.  90% of our kits are made up as shop samples which allows us to test the pattern for accuracy. That's a good thing Mary Ellen. 



Of course being that we love Christmas around here, we couldn't just make a red and white version of Red Daisy. We also had to make a Green version!  


Our last quilt from Potluck is our all-new Potluck Later Quilt kit  - which has just recently been finished. I love all scrappy quilts. This one makes me want to take a can of paint and just start splashing color all over the Shoppe. But I won't. The thought (and the quilt) definitely makes you want to smile! 


Finally, when Sandy Klopp isn't designing retro-styled fabrics, she sometimes dabbles in a bit of French Country.


Her Savonnerie collection is just like a trip to the South of France with vibrant French Reds and Mustard Yellows. Her Sun & Sea II Quilt is inspired by the romance of France, with the large floral border adding a dramatic finish! Voila! We have made a limited number of kits seeew be sure to grab yours soon! If you are on our Shoppe email distribution, I keep telling everyone that  most fabric is produced once with reorder options either limited or not available. Seeew, we generally make kits once (unless it's a versatile pattern that we can do over and over again) and then we move on. I of course can't show you everything we have to offer in one post, so check out our other kits. I'll give you a hint: The Midwinter Reds Quilt Kits are going fast! 

Here's the Sun & Sea II Quilt Kit


Now, if you'll excuse me we just had some Chalk Fabric arrive and I want to go check it out! Have you heard about this? 

Be sure to join us Saturday, January 25 2014 for Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!  

Be good to one another ~ Brian 


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Mary Fioretti

I love the fabrics. Great baby blankets. :)

Diane Parham

That Day Tripper quilt is WONDERFUL! But I also love the fabric used in Red Daisy. And the French-inspired Sun & Sea. Oh so much temptation.

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