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I thought I would bring you a glimpse of the Shoppe as I see it when I arrive early in the morning.  There's a special kind of magic in the dawn of a new day, especially during this time of year. It's always peaceful.  I guess you could say it's beginning to look - and sound - a lot like Christmas around here. Our friends from Laurel Hedge brought in holiday evergreen, holly, and topiaries to decorate the front porch. 


It's been quite awhile since I've had a Sunday and a Monday to myself. Since October, we've had to adjust our schedules to add extra days for the Sew Oregon Shop Hop (October), had a staff member out recovering from a battle with cancer, prepared for our annual "Homespun & Holly" and added Monday last week to make-up for Thanksgiving. 

Talk about busy! 

Seeew what did you miss in November? Well...let me show you! 


Our fifth annual Homespun & Holly was on November 15 & 16. This year, the "Mothership" decided to wrap everything in red and she did a beautiful job. If you are new to our blog or to our "Shoppe" - Homespun & Holly is our annual event which welcomes the Christmas season. Each year a crowd of enthusiastic women come together to create hand-made projects and enjoy some Christmas cheer! 


The quilt on the wall is known as Tree Bells and is made with a variety of fabrics from Share The Joy by Deb Strain and Joy by Kate Spain. The ornaments are simple applique which makes this a great pattern to use up your scraps should you want to do it in your own unique style. I believe we only have two more kits and with it being seeew close to the Christmas holiday, I don't see us making anymore anytime soon.  

The quilt on the table is a scaled down version of the Peppermint Twist Quilt featured in the Very Merry book by This & That. Fabrics featured are from Kate Spain's In From The Cold. Have you seen this collection? It's quite simply...adorbs. 



Seeew far we've made two quilts from this collection including the below quilt featuring cups of hot chocolate. Uh...yes please. Who doesn't a love a cup of hot chocolate? Except for the lactose intolerant, it's a must during the holidays. I'm sure if I were to ask Priscilla Queen of the Dessert, she'd whip me up some spectacle with a whip cream cloud. Kits for our In From The Cold Hot Cocoa Quilt are available.


Our next quilt is the Suburban Quilt (below) using fabrics from In From The Cold and Joy, both by Kate Spain. The pattern is by those lovely gals over at Me & My Sister Designs


I love the light bulb border on a quilt filled with Christmas houses. It just makes sense. I used to help my parents hang Christmas lights on our home every year. Our hands would be freezing by the time we were finished, but the possibilities and how far you could take it were what was fun! You'll notice that some houses have a flat roof and some have a peak. You of course can lay out your fabrics any way you'd like. Possibilities are endless. We think our piecer, Dorene did a great job with ours! The bright colors definitely bring out the holiday cheer! Lots of background in this one! 




The guests for Homespun & Holly soon arrive and it's like a holiday reunion of sorts as everyone gets to know one another.

 This is one of my favorite parts about the event.

The idea that new and seasoned faces have come together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas for the last five heartfelt. Everyone is kind and positive. Many friends arrive together only to discover they have made new ones throughout the day. I met two nice ladies that joined us all the way from Colorado! I figured they had come to Oregon for a family visit or something, but nope...they came out here specifically for Homespun & Holly! Wow!

Our invited designers are always helpful and add an extra special touch to our regular staff  - who always look like they witnessed a hurricane by days end. That's better than me! I look like a train hit me. All fun aside, they work very hard and we are fortunate to have them at this time of year. 


Throughout the day our participants rotate from station to station making each designer's project. In between the rotation (and if people finish early), there is shopping to be done! This year, Barb & Mary brought everyone over to the all-new "Boughs of Holly" - our Christmas inspired cottage. 


Yes, you heard and saw correctly. "Boughs of Holly" is now not just our blog, but it is also the new home for our Christmas inspired fabrics, gifts and home decor. We also have a large collection of Old World Christmas Ornaments.

 Here are a few answers to the questions we receive: 

1.) Will this store be here just for the season?

"Boughs of Holly" is a year-round Christmas inspired store and will be open throughout the year. It is located across the street from Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in our original location. Current hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-5pm. Keep in mind that the hours for this store will change for the first half of each year which will be communicated on our website. 

2.) Do you have a website for this store? The fabrics and ornaments featured at "Boughs of Holly" can all be found on our website for Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe & Mercantile. At this time we do not have plans to offer an additional website. 

  3.) Why did you close Pickleweed? I really liked it and miss what you had there.  All home decor and gift items we carried at Pickleweed are now in both of our stores as they have been for the last eight years. 

I think I covered the main points. Anyone confused?


 Here's a look at the cutting table at "Boughs of Holly."

 If I were a cheesy couple on HGTV I would say, "this is where the magic happens."  

The "Mothership" outdid herself on the miniature farmhouse structure. She dismantled a few benches we had around the Shoppe to come up with those shelves. The lantern? It's available for purchase and is $115. That's gorgeous, sparkles and is $76.99. We are showing two up on the house, but there is also a matching wreath. This is not a garland you use once and toss away. The quality and detail exceeds anything you'll find at a big box store. If you'd like to purchase any of those items give us a call at 503-607-0600. 


A classic red and white quilt is simply a must in our shop.'s very peppermint, wouldn't you agree? Our Winter Wonderland Quilt Kit was made with the popular pattern by Crabapple Hill. Our staff member and manager, Christine did the embroidery work while she was recovering from her fight with cancer. Just goes to show the healing power of a quilt! In October, Christine went in for what we hope will be her final surgery and we are happy that she is doing seeew well. Here's to lots of positive thoughts for Christine! 

If all of that embroidery work seems daunting, here's a simple applique project known as Nature's Christmas Winter Wonderland using the Nature's Christmas collection by Sandy Gervais. This is more my speed. 


That's it for now, but if you'd like to see more of the Homespun & Holly event or other pictures of our new store, "Boughs of Holly" head on over to Me & My Sister Designs. 

Until next time...maybe you'll get to build a snowman? ~ Brian



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Diane Parham

Brian: Another wonderful blog post. I have missed these. Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas inspiration. Very best wishes for Christine's journey to good health.

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