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Do You Want To Build A Snowman?


"Do you want to build a snowman?"

I kind of had a day off. And I emphasize "kind of." Technically today - for me- is the fourth day of Christmas and by golly wouldn't you know - four calling birds swooped in and helped me decorate with a few snowmen! 

Is your tree already decorated? Don't have a tree? What about a garland? A wreath? We love to even accent our table centerpiece with a few smaller ornaments. 


Seeew, do you believe in the magic of a snowman? If you could spend one day with a snowman, what would you do before he melts away? Let me know in the comments, and you could win a "In From The Cold" Charm Pack!

(This contest is now closed. Our winner "Kristy" has been notified.)

And don't forget you can shop our full complete website at


The following pictures are from our new Christmas-inspired cottage, "Boughs of Holly." If you haven't yet been, hurry and do seeew. Starting in January, it will have a different set of hours through late Spring. Seeew be sure to visit soon!  

B.T.W. snowmen are magical! And it could very well have something to do with the hat. Or the carrot nose. 


Olde Man Wynter and the Joyous Winter Runner from the talented Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin are pictured above on the wall behind our gathering of snowmen. Aren't they adorable? The Holiday Splendor Tea Towels (below) bring a little bit of vintage to your holiday.

B.T.W. I'm betting no one has even noticed the magic of the "Mothership's" attention to detail. The front of "Boughs of Holly" is heavy on red accents and as you make your way back she chose to focus more on the green. It just adds to the merriment. 



Anyone need a stocking? We've got this simple stocking the "Mothership" put together on a Sunday made from this panel. Oh..and this one from "In From The Cold." If I'm not mistaking...there is even another one in the store at "Boughs of Holly" featuring a Santa and a snowman. But don't get mad at me if it's gone. Things are starting to disappear. 


And of course we have a few stocking holders left including this little guy. 



We only have three more of these Share the Joy Panels by Deb Strain. 



I love Jim Shore. His artistry and craftsmanship are just magical and obviously his designs are heavily influenced by quilting. You can find all of our Christmas Jim Shore here. We will continue to offer Christmas Jim Shore but in limited quantities. 

Over the last few months as we've moved our entire upstairs offices (office, classroom, stock rooms), we've been cleaning out our stock rooms and reducing anything that doesn't fit into our new office space so we have a variety of Jim Shore on sale at 50%. Be sure to check it out! We have also discontinued Jim Shore Disney Traditions


With a dust of snow covering the winter's landscape, a tiny town celebrates nature's Christmas. Our new Nature's Christmas Winter Wonderland Quilt Kit includes fabric for the quilt top and binding. You can of course save 15% off your selected backing when purchased with your kit. 

The "Mothership" has been making a variety of smaller projects for "Boughs of Holly." This little guy below is called "Hanging the Lights" and our kit includes everything you need to complete the project! 


In the cold Winter's night, a snow family gathers along with their forest friends to celebrate the Christmas holiday in our Winter Friends Table Runner. Complete kits are available. 



This last guy...we are actually sold out of but I think he's too cute and he goes with my theme. Seeew...I guess you can simply drool. Right? Make sure you wipe it up though because it's seeew cold in here it might freeze. 


You can order any of the available items by giving our shop a call at 503-607-0600 or order on our website 

Happy Holly Days and remember...we all can build a snowman if we want too.  ~ Brian



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I would have my snowman take me to Colorado to ski once again, since it's been so many yrs. since I've gotten to do that and maybe even go ice skating, since I've only done that once in my life.
Thanks for letting me enter!



How all beautiful!


If I were spending the day with a snowman....we would magically fly to each of my precious grandchildren and make snow angels and other snowmen...then we would fly home and make a quilt with that IN FROM THE COLD fabric...which would possess magic as well, and as long as the snowman was wrapped in the love of the quilt he would remain! I love a happy ending!

Linda Douglas


Grammy Sharon

Such a nice collection. A day with a snowman.........Have my grandkids join in for a snowball fight and then dance away.

Sue P

I would dance with the snowman, make snow angels, cross country ski and then have a bonfire and have hot chocolate. Oh the snowman would need to stay away from the fire.

Louise W

Hmm, one day with a snowman. First I think we would go on a snowshoe trek so he could show me his favorite places and sites. Then we would have a Snow Tea party - all the food would have a snow theme and the hot chocolate would have lots of whipped cream to look like snow. We would end with dancing in the moonlight shining on the snow, until the sun came up and he melted away.


I love snowmen and was sorry to see our snow and cold go away, wishing we would get another storm before winter is over. Love the charm pack thanks for chance to win.

Sandy D

If I could spend a day with a snowman I would take a walk with this gentleman in the woods on our farm. We would call the birds to have a chat. We would probably see a few deer too. We would sit on a log and eat our lunch and tell stories until it was coming on dark. Then we would say our goodbyes with a tear in my eye.

Colleen J Chester

I would love to go shopping with a snowman!

Sally Jean

As a child growing up in Wisconsin I did a lot of ice skating and snowman building, but since moving to Texas 25 years ago those things have changed. So my magical snowman would take me back to snowy Wisconsin for a day to ice skate at the old lagoon and end with a hot chocolate before he melts away. And the magic is definitely in the hat!!!

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