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O' Holy Night



Merry Christmas to each of you on this joyous night. All of us here at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe & Mercantile hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas day and we wish all the best for you in 2013. We of course thank all of our fans, whether you visit us in person or virtually through the blog and our website! We've been doing this for eight years and have enjoyed getting to know seeew many of the regular faces that visit us each day! 

There is much sadness going on in our country at this time. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is trying to justify an action to make it "right." To make it suit their needs or interests. Many of us just drop our jaws in disbelief. Can people really be this ignorant when the call rings out that change is needed? Our hearts and our thoughts will always be with the victims of Newtown, Conneticut and of the Clackamas Town Center. The mall shooting particulary hit home as Priscilla's neighbor was one of the victims gunned down. In moments like these, I hope we all take the time to pause and reflect...and to remember that nothing is more important than waking up and just being thankful for another day.

People often wonder what they can do to help and I think one of the most important things to do is to make it a personal habit to remember just one of those names whose life was taken from them that day. Remember them, not just this year, but each and every year.

Truly He taught us to love one another, 
            His law is love and His gospel is peace. 


Each year, we make many new Christmas kits. In fact, we are constantly making new Christmas kits all the way up until Christmas Day and beyond. One of my new favorites is Tree Lot. Fairly simple it uses one of my favorite pre-cuts of all. The Jelly Roll. You would be very surprised at how many patterns use this pre-cut and how many patterns often go overlooked! 


Beautiful Rachel Berry. I think I'll let you click "Play" and let her sing the way on out of this post for today. 
If you like the quilts in the below pictures they are available on our website under "Kits For The Holidays." 



IMG_1123 and effort to simplify how much time I spend on Social Media, I will be sending out notifications of Sales via our Shoppe e-mail only. Seeew if you are not on our email list and would like to be, please email us at "Boughs of Holly" will be used to show you the newest projects around the Shoppe and a lil' bit of entertainment! You can also follow us on Facebook

Merry Christmas to each of you and here's to new inspiration in 2013!  Trust me...the "Mothership" and I have something special in store for you.
Happy Holidays ~ Brian

Have Yourself A Vintage Modern Christmas...



Do you like my bowl? 

It's vintage. Pretty fancy huh? 

I once admitted over on our Facebook page that I was OBSESSED with it. And I am. To date in my iPhoto, it is the single most photographed item here in the Shoppe with well over 100 pictures. I know. Next time I complain about a shortage of time, just remind me about how much time I wasted with this bowl. It was all inspire you fine people. 

When I first laid my eyes upon this bowl a heavenly light shined down to the voices, not of angels, but um....Judy. Yes, that Judy. Maybe I should sit in our window, and instead of holding creepy rotating monkeys, I will hold my bowl while singing this beloved Christmas wish? 


I too need something that inspires me to get me "through." But....not a monkey. This vintage bowl, however, was that inspiration and will no doubt serve as inspiration for displays to come. It is after all my "Holy Grail." If it goes missing...I will leave no house un-searched. Got it? I have Elves and I know how to use them. 


I'll be the first to admit, I had no idea how all of our brights would fit into our main Shoppe space when we merged the two shops back in August.  But now that it is done I love it. In fact, for Christmas this year I decided to simply spread the holiday around instead of placing it all up in the front of the Shoppe. Clearly this saved me lots of time! But I don't never know what next year will bring! 

I should add that in keeping with the theme of Camille' Roskelley's book, "Simplify" we kept our holiday decorating simple this year. The "Mothership" adorned this vintage white tree (below) with Camille's signature colors of red and aqua. 


My vintage "find" seems to welcome Christmas (above) in front of Camille's "Vintage Holiday" quilt. The quilt is made with Bonnie & Camille's "Vintage Modern" collection which has been very popular lately. We're always on the look-out for versatile patterns that can be re-created in several other styles. 
I don't know if many people think about this, but the best part about many of Moda's collections, is that the collections blend from year to year. We find that this makes it fun to find coordinating prints especially with "scrappy!" For example, Bonnie & Camille's other collection "Marmalade" is shown below in a new project we are working on. Notice how the same aqua and red from Vintage Modern has crossed over into Marmalade along with new colors such as Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow and Tangerine Orange. I might also add that we have also brought in the coordinating Bella Solids.
What's that? What am I working on below? Time will only tell, however we do have our Marmalade "Spools" kit  ready and our sample is being quilted as we speak. 

Bowl Sighting! I know. I know! I can't help it. I love my bowl! I may not have sparkling ruby slippers, but I've got sparkly ornament balls in my bowl. "Sparkly Ornament Balls In My Bowl"...that's definitely a tongue twister. "Brian brings sparkly ornament balls in his vintage blue bowl." Ba ha ha ha ha ha. As for anything else in this picture, I think it's kind of obvious. The quilting. I know. OMG. It is gorgeous and a very unique interpretation. Loves. 


"Hold the phone Mary Ellen!" 

"Oh-My-Best-Press...are those stockings not the sweetest, Mary Sue?" (below)

"Mary Jane...they certainly are a treasure! I hear the "Mothership" embroidered them for our viewing pleasure." 


 I know. I know. We're all a little bit high strung around here. It's the Egg Nog and Candy Canes. 
Do you love?

With the help of our Elf Christine, six were made. Where the other three are...I don't know but I'm glad the "Mothership" designed these stockings with this particular group of fabric. The collection is not a holiday collection. In fact, some people would never think to pair red, aqua and gray in their Christmas color palette. We will be the first to admit, it's not often a palette we think of for the Shoppe. But with the right amount of creativity and carrying out a "theme," you can do just about anything to evoke the spirit of the holidays! 
The stockings are made from Joanna Figueroa's "Mini Stockings" pattern. The pattern is one of Joanna's Fig Tree Threads patterns and much like the Vintage Holiday Ornament quilt, can be made in seeew many styles! Three Fat Quarters, fabric for the bow and loop along with the pattern and you could seriously have these little stockings ready for Christmas in just 5 days! You might have to hunker down in your sewing room this weekend and (much like myself) tell everyone to "leave you alone" but you'll get Mission: Christmas Stocking...accomplished. Please also direct your attention to the machine embroidery brought to you by the "Mothership" for that extra touch of whimsy. 


Every tree needs a tree skirt and this one was made from a Sweetwater pattern called, "Oh Christmas Tree." If you already have a tree skirt, maybe you like....need to make one for next year? It never hurts to start your planning early. If I have to do it...seeew do you. This one was very easy and the "Mothership" churned this out after just one weekend using fabrics from Vintage Modern. 


I grew up helping my mom decorate our trees every Christmas so it's only appropriate that we would incorporate some of our favorite holiday gift items throughout the Shoppe. It really is my favorite part of the holiday season even if I do wish to never see a box or piece of styrofoam again. 
Oh look. It's a Snow Family. "Heeeeeeeey girl!" least they aren't rotating monkeys. 

The little white sparkly trees that you see in most of these photos are my favorite! They are perfect for hanging your favorite ornaments and are the perfect "filler" for that little nook that sits empty. They can be used year-after-year and are only $21.00 (for the small) and $33.00 (for the tall). They are a standard here at the Shoppe and we can ship! But we don't ship...creepy Monkeys. 


Now. Get ready...because you're going to see that we carry an item that seems to be getting more and more attention. Ric Rac! Not everyone carries it or knows where to get least that is what I hear from some of our customers...but we've always carried quite a bit of it! We find that it's that wonderful accent that can be used to complete a project. Here we have two shades of aqua...go figure. Tis the season for "aqua." 


P.S. The quilt in the background is the Hopscotch Vintage Modern quilt and you can see more of it on our website. You'll also notice that we have just completed kits for On A Whim not only in the multiple colorway, but the striking aqua and white version as well! It will be a wonderful new addition when it comes back from being pieced. 

Alright. Christmas is only five days away. Five. Do you have everything wrapped yet? If you don't, we've got something for you that is simple, quick and afforadable! It's called the Popover Gift Holder and it was designed by Atkinson Designs. The "Mothership" offered this idea as a demo at our 'Open House' last weekend and it was quite popular! 

Use this gift holder to stuff candy, gift cards, and other gifts such as sewing notions inside! Or heck...surprise your man with some underwear! It is the season to be merry after all! Two Fat Quarters, the pattern and some other very basic crafty items and you're golden! P.S. It doesn't end with can make them for Valentine's Day (hint) and Birthdays as well! 

Would you like to see more? Be sure to come out to the Shoppe on Saturday, December 22 and see far more than what I can show (except creepy monkeys)! Saturday, December 22 is our last day that we are open before Christmas Day! Be sure to check Shoppe hours on our website and by all means, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."
Of course, without...a creepy rotating monkey. 
Here's to some more holiday inspiration coming right up! ~ Brian

Anyone Have That Christmas Spirit?


The all-new Blitzen quilt kit is filled with whimsical snowmen in a frosty landscape of snowy whites, enchanting aquas and the merriest of reds and greens! Kits available.


 Not only did I photograph our new "Blitzen" quilt this weekend, but I even had time to emerge out of the farmhouse and chop some wood. I also decided to check the mail box and inside was a letter from that wonderful lady from the North. Yes, her. The one who helps the big guy for that big day. Mrs. Claus. She wrote to tell me she's looking forward to the parade and warming up with some flannel quilts inside the farmhouse on Saturday, December 8 from 10am-2pm.  Her letter along with some Richard Marx holiday carol was exactly what I needed to put me in the Christmas Spirit....


At the end of her letter was a P.S. in which she reminded me that like Richard, she'd be "Right here waiting for you." Ba ha ha ha ha. Kidding. She actually asked me if it would be O.K. to bring along one of Santa's newest creations...the all-new LightPad. I simply replied, " Thanks."  

It seriously is an applique lover's dream! The super bright LED lamp provides a perfectly even illuminated surface! It's the perfect gift for someone who loves quilting, scrapbooking (um of Sweetwater & Basic Grey should love this), applique, quilting, calligraphy...and seeew much more! They are available on our website in two sizes: 6"x9" and 9"x12". I could be like Oprah and exclaim "You get a LightPad...and you get a LightPad...EVERYBODY GETS A LIGHTPAD!"...but I have a feeling I might not have a job. Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson picked one up and she's loving it on her blog! If you're still not sure what to get the quilter in your can always purchase one of our gift cards!

B.T.W. The Blitzen quilt pictured premiered at "Homespun & Holly" and I just now got time to get around to taking some photos. 



I always love hanging a quilt out on our porch for an early morning photo-op. 

This of course, as with many of our just the first project out of "Blitzen."  The "Mothership" and I took some time to ourselves this weekend and planned this one too...


It's called, "Stamp" and uses my favorite pre-cut of all. The Jelly Roll. Sure they bring out the worst of my OCD with the constant trail of "Crumbs" they leave behind, but for those of us who are new to quilting they make the fabric selection part seeew much easier! We have seeew many samples and other patterns that use the pre-cut...whether it's a Jelly Roll, Charm Pack, Layer Cake or those new Fat 8th Bundles! Quilts made with pre-cuts are often economical as you can usually grab one, add a background fabric, border and you're on your way! To where...I don't know. But you're on your way! 

I'll definitely let you know how this one turns out. I usually show things first over on our Facebook page. But you too...can watch for it here on "Boughs of Holly."

We do still have a few of these kits left. It's called "Fruitcake Wheels" and it's a vision on our porch. It's also on sale. I know, right? need it. And if you don't like circles, well let me tell ya you can use those fabrics to make something else. The background fabric alone is a significant amount of yardage. 




Before I leave, I would like to let everyone know that our friends at Laurel Hedge, who were responsible for our fabulous wreath and for the room decor at "Homespun& Holly," will be hosting a wreath making class on the following dates: December 8, December 9, December 14 & December 15 @1pm or by appointment. Click here to learn more! Everyone should have a wreath! 

Seriously. These are the nicest boys you'll ever meet next to me and a drive to their place should be a holiday tradition. If it isn't already, hopefully we'll convince you to make it one! The "Mothership" and I were out there yesterday and you should see some of the pots Darin put together for her house! I swear he just woke up one day and started playing with holiday greens. Magic maker that boy is! Matt seems to be the handyman building birdhouses and can make magic with lights! Love them. 

Not only do they have luscious beautiful gardens....(well, it's winter...but it's still gorgeous) 


And treasured finds....


But anyone who would put a chandelier...


In an "outhouse" like this...


Definitely knows a thing or two about decorating and making things fabulous! 

Now, keep in mind their gift boutique is out on their property. Seeew...don't be surprised when you end up at the cutest vintage style farmhouse ever! Follow the signs and visit their website to check out their hours as they are not open all of the time. 

I'll be back with more, but in the meantime, let's all practice getting into the Christmas Spirit! ~Brian