There's A Glow Of A Distant Light....
Chandeliers, Lanterns & Mirrors...The Homespun & Holly Recap!

The Countdown Begins...4 Days Until "Homespun & Holly!"


I know. I know. More works in progress. I said in the last post that I would rather just wait until we were finished with all the holiday accents, but I just couldn't. 



This year the "Mothership" has invested in lots of evergreen! It literally is like coming home for the holly-days!  

The quilt on the table is "Sentiment Stars" by Planted Seed Designs. I'm thinking that I would probably want to start with something a little more simple. Like..a panel. Ba ha ha ha ha ha. 

Ohhhh...maybe something like this? 


"Goodness Gracious Marie...isn't that just exquisite?" Our other Sentiments kit is this one using the postcard panel. Melissa's quilting is just divine as always. I'm telling you, she (and Monica) always know what is going to add to the quilt...and not detract. Even their basic work always complements. And that's what you want. You worked hard on your masterpiece, make it gorge. 

To understand what I am talking about...look at that inner sashing (the tone on tone), it's stunning. I know it's hard to see here, but when in the Shoppe...check it out! I also thought you might like to see what we used on the back. Loves it. Fa la la la la! 


I have to wrap things up with a "French Kiss." My time in Paris gave me a new appreciation for anything with "French" in the title. Fig Tree's "French Kiss" pattern, which is made with one (1) Honey Bun (1-1/2" strip) and one Charm Pack (5" in precut squares) can be done without the applique initial in the middle and this is what it looks like! Of course, the pre-cuts are in addition to your border and setting fabrics. And they say I don't know anything. Bias I tell you. Bias. And not the binding. Thanks. 


Now...I must say farewell for the time being, but before I know that this is my favorite time of year. The smell of evergreen is literally filling the Shoppe right now thanks to those two very special elves.

But what's missing?

You better believe it!


The holiday season officially kicks off with "Homespun & Holly" at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe Friday, November 16 & Saturday, November 17! I am anxious (and tired) but believe me by Friday (which is kind of like my hint)...everything will be complete! In the meantime..."suddenly it's snowing." 

Here's to a fabulous upcoming dose of holiday inspiration ~ Brian



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Everything looks wonderful. Can't wait for Friday. See you then.


doing the happy dance!

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