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Bedknobs & Workshops! ~ The American Jane Recap Part I

Bedknobs & Workshops! ~ The American Jane Recap Part II


Seeew...On Day 2 of the workshop, the "Mothership" surprised all participants with these precious parting gifts which she put together using some of Sandy's Twill Tape. Props to the "Mothership" who is always thinking of something clever. She raises the bar on how a workshop or class should be offered! Do you see the cute polka dot scissors and primary colored thread? That's just a smidge of what she included...I'll keep the rest of the contents a secret between me and our Guests. 

I didn't get a lot of pictures for the weekend, but I did capture a few students working on their projects.  

Here's Elaine working on her Triple Crown.....Elaine arrived super prepared with her own design wall! Elaine gets an "E" for Effort. I bet she had perfect attendance growing up. 


Heather took a different approach to her Triple Crown and used fabrics from the Bliss collection by Bonnie & Camille. Bonnie & Camille...oh how I love them. Their new "Vintage Modern" pre-cuts are in the Shoppe now and can be ordered on our website. P.S. It was Heather's birthday during the workshop and we hope she had a blast. Heather has a blog, "Quilt Or Stitch...How About Both?" which you can read here.



Kath also colored outside of the lines...and went with a Jan Patek Jelly Roll. Don't you love it when you can switch it up? Here is Kath watching as Sandy helps her with her block placement. 


Afterwards, Sandy shared with us her Trunk Show which she calls, "The American Jane Story." Listening to Sandy share her stories is like the perfect bedtime story! Here's a peak at just some of the quilts from her show. I love that I recognize seeew many of the American Jane fabrics we have had in the Shoppe over the years. You just can't help but smile when you look at them.


I love stars. I don' know why...I just do. The "Mothership" tells me I seem to have a knack for selecting patterns that are a lil' bit on the elaborate side. They always look so elegant and are visually spectacular. But that's only because I love to use big words. "Spectacular" is far better than "cute" and "pretty." 


Now....for my favorite! Sandy's "Flying Circles Pattern." Most of the fabrics are from Sandy's Pindot and Pezzy Prints collection. Such a vivid imagination. You can check out many of our other patterns from American Jane by clicking here


Sandy's newest collection "School Days" is available in the Thoroughly Modern Holly section of our Shoppe along with Le Petit Poulet. We recently completed kits for this....Party In The Hen House! Seeew we get a lil' bit busy. It will all still be here at days end. The sky isn't falling.



Our kit includes all fabrics to complete the quilt top and binding in addition to the pattern. You just need to purchase your backing fabric which...if you order with your kit, we apply a 15% discount to all regular priced fabrics. You can purchase this kit by clicking here. You'll also find a few Fat Quarter Bundles, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes...which I highly recommend. And just seeew you know, Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe & Mercantile has the largest selection of Moda pre-cuts anywhere...on-line and as an actual quilt Shoppe location. Just sayin'.

Alright it's about that time. Time to hang some more quilts and find Deb a bedknob (see part I). They appear to be trapped in my blog. Ha ha ha ha.  Don't tell anyone, but I use a bit of Substitutiary Locomotion to hang the quilts.


Gotta love Angela Lansbury. She resembles my late grandma when she starts off dancing with those shoes! It brings a smile to my thoughts.

G'night and remember....the make believe is never through.

Inspire the difference ~ Brian