'Tis the Season! Get ready!



We have officially entered my favorite time of the year....seeew you know what that means! Christmas music on the blog!!!! From old classics to new discoveries, I try to include as much as I can for your holiday pleasures.

The "Mothership" and I have been enjoying our three day holiday break. Today we started decorating her home and of course I had to break out this new single from Kylie Minouge called White December! It's more of a "romantic Christmas" little diddy...think Mariah Carey and her "All I Want For Christmas..." If it doesn't make you want to dance and shake your charm pack, I don't know what will. Reading the blog on a desktop as opposed to an iPhone will give you all the musical "feels." Just an FYI.

In the days and weeks ahead I will be sharing all of my holiday favorites (new and classics) with you while updating you on lots of things here at the Shoppe! Of course, I'll be starting with a re-cap of our most popular workshop, "Homespun & Holly!" From the feedback we received, everyone had a great time and loved their "secret" projects from our invited designers! Registration for next year, has already launched with people already booking in with their friends! We have moved the event to the first week of December in 2016, which is perfect for a holiday workshop! You can register for 2016 right here. Stay tuned for the re-cap!

Would you believe I am still creating Christmas displays in the Shoppe?! This year, while I didn't want to rush the holidays...I also developed a third blood clot in my calf. Again? I know...let's not dwell - I'm receiving treatment, but it has slowed me down. It's ok though as Christmas to me, begins after Thanksgiving. In our family, we add in decorative touches throughout the entire season which makes it all the more special. An ornament here, a decorative garland there - and all to a little candle glow! You really should try it sometime, you'll be amazed at how much of a festive, winter wonderland you can create! Seeew if you're making plans to visit the Shoppe this weekend, you'll want to keep checking back as we always find something to add.


Alright, I'm going to start working on our displays at the Shoppe. I delivered one of the trees to The "Mothership's" home seeew she's now happy as a Cardinal. Look at me ensuring everyone's happiness today. LOL. The picture above is of her treenware display. We sell these gorgeous wood trays in the Shoppe and people always ask, "What do you do with them?" Well...here you go! Add some fancy candles and greenery and you have an attractive display for your mantle, a dining room table, kitchen island, etc. She will throw in some snow and light the candles a little later on.

We hope you all had a moment to reflect on everything you are grateful for and spent lots of time with family and friends!

We will be open Saturday for Small Business Saturday (10am-5pm) and Sunday (12pm-4pm). You never know what we have in-store for those of you who venture into the Shoppe!

Stay Seeew-cial and I'll be back with the Homespun & Holly re-cap! ~ Brian




Small Business Saturday is Saturday, November 28 2015


As a reminder, the Shoppe is open Monday, November 23 & Tuesday, November 24 2015 (11am-5pm). We will be closed Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (11/25 thru 11/27) to give our staff and ourselves time with family and friends. This is an annual tradition for us here at the Shoppe as it is our way to take time for ourselves and thank our staff for all of their hard work! 

We will be open Saturday, November 28 (10am-5pm) and Sunday, November 29 (12pm-4pm). This is the weekend to get out from behind those computers and iPhones, look up, be seeew-cial and show your support of your favorite brick-and-mortars! #SHOPSMALL! P.S. Our community offers plenty of shopping and dining in addition to our quilting destination! We are looking forward to seeing you!

We have been communicating this since September seeew if you are not reading our Shoppe emails, Shoppe signs, Social Media... I'm not sure where else I can communicate with you:-) 

Stay seeew-cial ~ Brian

The Little Hen Table Topper



The "Mothership" put together a new table topper kit  using one of the blocks from Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage. Kits will ship later this week seeew get your orders in. This one will not last long. One thing I will say about our kits, for as much work as we do preparing them and coming up with the idea, they are excellently priced. Seeew you'll want to grab one soon because as soon as it's out on the floor...they will be gone. As we were cleaning up the workshop from this past weekend's festivities, I thought I'd play around with the sample because it is seeew stinkin' cute! She named the kit, "Little Hen Table Topper" because of that adorable chicken fabric. 


Seeew now that Homespun & Holly is over, what am I going to do next? Well...I'm not going to Disneyland, that's for sure. LOL. No, no, no....now I have holiday decor to get out in the Shoppe! I'll have a complete recap of our 7th Annual Homespun & Holly Workshop soon. It was a wonderful weekend and it was great seeing many of you. Registration for our 2016 workshops will begin soon! 

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian

You're Invited to our Once Upon A Homespun Christmas Open House Weekend!



It's almost time for our Once Upon A Homespun Christmas Open House Weekend! We've got some surprises for you I think you're going to love. Please be aware we will be closed Thursday, November 12 to complete our final touches. Remember, it's also the day our designers for Homespun & Holly arrive, dishes, tables...and all around craziness. Seeew trust me when I say, you wouldn't want to be here on the 12th anyway. You've all hosted a wedding or a big party at least once in your life, right??? 

You know what I'm talking about???

I'm sure you do. Let me just tell you...I'm STILL hanging ornaments. I had one day down after my surgery and everytime I try to get on a ladder and get things done....."Brian....do we have....." These are my "someone get me a fan" moments. I don't have anything else to do, now do I? LOL. 

Seeew stay tuned and I'll give you the lowdown. You can also read our emails. That's always helpful. 

Stay seeew-cial! Many of you have been and that is FANTASTIC! ~ Brian


The Road Less Traveled....



I'm having a little surgery today seeew pardon the "intermission" on the road less traveled. Nothing too major and I'm told I'll be on my feet and able to be back at it tomorrow (Tuesday).

We have some gorgeous country out here in Oregon, don't we? I mean...what else do you do when about to have surgery? Bring on the Madonna and um...take a bunch of pictures that create a sense of calm and peace? I get completely freaked out at just the sound of that tissue they have covering the exam table. It's the sound of seriousness.

If you follow the Shoppe on Instagram or Facebook, you probably have noticed I like to take the road less traveled...a lot.

It seems to be a recurring theme in my life when it comes to the Shoppe. Always changing, and always looking for something new. The "Mothership" taught me that. She never wants to do what the "others" are doing. I don't either. I guess you could say we both have a bit of a "rebel heart." LOL. XOXO.  

We do our own thing and we do what we love. It helps you through the dark times when life throws you a curve ball. I know a lot of people have been facing challenging times in recent months and maybe even in the last couple of years. There is however, a glowing light in the distance. 

It's always there. Even when you can't see it...it's there. 

Remember....stay seeew-cial on the road less traveled and I'll see you here again. ~ Brian








More Finished Quilts Added To Our Quilt Mania Sale! Free Shipping On Orders of $500 Or More


We are always asked if we sell our finished quilt samples or models that are featured in the Shoppe. Yes, we do sell our finished quilts but only when we are finished with the fabric and the kits. We have always been fortunate to have such talented piecers and long arm quilters to help us create the hundreds of samples you see in the Shoppe on any given day. 


This week we've added a few new samples to our Quilt Mania Sale. PLEASE NOTE: When quilts are listed for sale, we no longer are providing patterns and fabric.

I love our samples, but we only have seeew much space. Now through November 30, the "Mothership" is giving you 25% off our regular price and free shipping on orders of $500 or more. I'm sure all of you would agree that quilts are not cheap. There is the cost of fabric (top and backing), cost of piecing and the cost of long arm quilting. No one around here is volunteering and she pays for each and every quilt to be made. This isn't a bad thing because it ensures the workmanship on each quilt is going to be spectacular.

You can view all of our finished quilts for sale by clicking here. If you are coming into the Shoppe and want to purchase a quilt, please notify us ahead of time so we can have it in the Shoppe for you. It is helpful to have the name of the quilt or a particular style in mind. 

Stay Seeewcial!  ~ Brian



UPDATE: The below quilt has sold. Thank you for your interest. We will always have finished quilts for sale so keep checking back. Remember, the cost just for fabrics to complete the top  and backing for many of our full sized quilts is at least $200. The regular price listed is for piecing (depending on how difficult the piecing was) and the long arm quilting (custom is always going to cost more than basic edge-to-edge). During our Quilt Mania Sale we offer 25% off the regular price and free shipping on orders over $500 or more.