Hear the Creative Roar of Tiger Lily...& New Fabric!



I'm back! I guess you could say we've been super busy. September has been the month of employee weddings, vacations...etc. seeew the Mothership and I are up to our ears in To-Do Lists. We will be back open on selected Sundays in October starting October 4.  Seeew today we are installing lighting for our Wool N Harvest Workshop this Saturday...and I'm catching up on all of the new fabric collections we've been receiving in the Shoppe! Yes, there are many! As always, we appreciate it when you shop brick and mortars as that is what keeps new fabric coming in the door. 

P.S. Speaking of Tiger Lily, this video came to my mind! You know me and my Pop-Tarts! This one has like...a ba-zillion views! LOL. 


I'm going to burst your fabric bubble because none of the collections I'm about to show you...are from Moda.

Gasp! WHAT? How can that be?

Relax. There is plenty of time for the "Moda Show" later on. Variety is the spice of life, and one thing we like to have in the Shoppe is variety! Just looking around the Shoppe right now, from where I'm sitting....I see batiks, flannels, wool, homespuns, 1930's, elegant florals, cheerful brights, children's, a touch of modern and holiday. Never before have we had such a variety. 



The first collection I want to show you is of course Tiger Lily by Heather Ross! This collection is darling for your favorite aspiring dancer (look at the little ballerina print) or perhaps she's an optimistic dreamer in the woods, imagining the possibilities? The collection can be used for quilts or to make adorable little dresses. I just have to point out how cute the marching cat with her kittens in tow is. Seeew cute ladies! We know what we are going to make with it, how about you? Any ideas yet? 


I absolutely love this next collection but that's only because just like the "Mothership", I love aqua/green/gray combinations. This is a beautiful, unique line called Floral Glamour. We wanted something a bit on the modern side but with a touch of elegance. The end result is our Metro Hoops Quilt Kit.  


Isn't it gorgeous? The quilt uses the Quick Curves Ruler which you will need to purchase separately from the quilt kit. Don't forget your backing because we give you a discount when you purchase the backing with your quilt kit! How many of you knew that? The quilting was done by Trisha Hevern who is one of the newest long arm quilters quilting for us. We loved this one seeew much, we just may have to have her quilt our next fun one using these delicious fabrics....


I'll keep you posted on its progress! The quilt will be adorable when finished and guess what? It uses the Quick Curve Ruler too! Seeew you're going to want to grab one of them on your next visit to the Shoppe. It's one of those notions we love because you're going to use it more than once.  The "Mothership" has been busy! But...when is she not? 

Alexander Henry is also back in the Shoppe. Not only do we have some of their novelty and holiday prints, but we also have Oh My Apple featuring the Chicken In The Kitchen Panel. It makes an adorable door stop or you could use it on your kitchen island. We are going to make one up for Jan's kitchen (they are totally her colors) and show you later on. 


Finally for today, I will leave you with new fabrics from Riley Blake Designs. Bloom & Bliss is in the house, and it is everything you could expect from bright fabrics. Bright, cheerful, happy, dreamy...and more. People have asked us to carry their fabrics for a few years now,  so we hope they'll be in here shopping these adorable fabrics. If not, we'll put them to good use. LOL. 



They pair up nicely with the new Fog City from Lakehouse and they are perfect for those Farm Girl Vintage and Quilty Fun projects. 

Alright, that's it from me today. Back to the grind. Enjoy your Sunday and we'll see you Tuesday at 11am for a brand new week! 

Stay Seeew-Cial ~ Brian

For The Love...Of All Quilt Shops.


Quilt World is going through a transformation and nearly every brick and mortar quilt shop knows exactly what I'm talking about. The trouble is...many are afraid to speak up on the matter. Heck, in the past people take what I say here, twist it around and write a negative review. Whatev. I speak up. If you don't - others will do it for you.  The matter, dear Quilters is the continual undercutting of quilt shops by those "on-line only" websites.  I of course am NOT referring to the one or two large sites that we all know and love. I am also not talking about discounting products that are older. I'm talking about the on-line sites discounting new products before these products even have the chance to arrive on the shelves of your local brick-and-mortar.  Most often, these "on-line only websites" are being run out of home offices, garages, attics, basements, off-site small warehouses etc. To be fair, not every on-line only website undercuts quilt shops but there are many that do.  Discounting is the primary way they get noticed, but what beyond that is offered? Are you willing to pass up exceptional in-store service and inspiring displays...for a discount? I've been to places that offer excessive discounting...service and "inspiration" isn't the top priority.

I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation with people visiting the Shoppe when they talk about how so many quilt shops have closed in their area. I then ask them, "Well, did you support the shop? Did you visit often? Did you get to know the owner and let them know what you like?" 

GASP! I can literally hear the clutching of the pearls as I say this...

Nobody wants to really have a conversation about it.  

The reality is, if you do not shop local, if you do not support brick-and-mortars, they either will start changing their business model, or they will simply go elsewhere.

Your local brick and mortars, whether they be quilt shops or whether they be some other form of small business - pay for not just the space, but for the endless creativity it takes to inspire you including the quilt samples. The employees that help you as you need them - are also not free. Yes, believe it or not - some folks do not even figure the cost of help into the equation. I could go on and on and on. In today's on-line obsessed world, I welcome new brick-and-mortar businesses. To me it shows they are willing to put some effort into their business. To come out from hiding behind the computer and serve the people. There is a personal connection that you will never receive on-line. Like...ever.

On average you will probably pay $5 for shipping seeew even when you are getting 25% off $10.99 to $11.99 fabric...that's $8.24 to $8.99. Add the $5 shipping and you're at $13 to $14. No matter if you are purchasing 1yd or 5yds, when you add it up, wouldn't it be better to shop your local quilt shop? Based on that small example, even our regular price here beats a sale price with shipping. Don't misunderstand...there is nothing wrong with discounts. The problem comes in when folks visit quilt shops to "look at the fabric" or call me to ask product information with the goal of ordering on-line for a discount....elsewhere. Oh yes...I've had people tell me that on the phone. I've even witnessed people writing vendor information from our bolts to order on-line. Didn't know we were opening our doors to be a showroom for the internet. Normally I would shrug it off and not say anything, but it's been happening all too frequently for me to remain quiet.

If I have to I'm going to be like Lucy in the Peanuts and charge for advice and information. LOL. Kidding! Calm yourselves. 

In the  conversations I've had with some of our customers, they told me they shop on-line because their local quilt shop..."didn't really have what they liked." Well, why not get to know the owner? Show interest in their shop regularly and I guarantee your LQS will start listening to what you like. If they seem hesitant, maybe past history is an indication. Just as an example: People used to ask us to order patterns, we then would order the pattern and call them only to receive this response: "Oh I found it on-line." 

I can't speak for everyone, but Quilt Shop owners have to see activity...we can all say we want something, but actions always speak louder than words. If that particular owner isn't able to bring your favorite fabric in, do they have classes you can take? What about their notions? We all need a few good notions. Don't we? There is usually more than one shop in an area - perhaps if your first choice didn't  have what you need, maybe your other options will? One shop cannot carry it all. 

The point is, your support stays local when you shop local. Businesses grow and the community thrives when you shop local. If you have to shop on-line, learn the differences. I figure that brick-and-mortars with on-line websites are wonderful because you can always go in and visit them if you have a question or want to shop the product...and by that I mean..actually purchase it from the shop. They are the ones doing the work, right? Would you want to do your job, but then have your paycheck go to someone else that didn't?   

I keep telling people that one day we are all going to look up from our phones and there's going to be nothing to do. We will...indeed...have ghosttowns. SERIOUSLY. When I was growing up, historic towns like ours were filled with local shops. Now today, more and more are becoming empty shells for bars, restaurants, insurance offices, spas, nail salons, hair salons, accountants, etc. Not very exciting if you ask me.  My advice...get out, engage, stay active...be seeew-cial. Thankfully...many of you have and we greatly appreciate it. 

Just remember...when the world gets cold, a quilt will be your cover. If you don't love your LQS, who will? 

Stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian


Seeew Much Seeew-cial-ness Going On!


Before I get too in depth, let's open up this blog post with something special. As many of you know we began our first Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. last month. I might add that this is our very first B.O.M in the age of on-line. Now...I can sit here and tell you all what an amazing job Jan (my "Mothership") has done in producing a quality product, but I think it is more important to hear it from the minds of our customers. A few weeks ago we received this email from "Carrolyn" who is participating in the on-line portion of our B.O.M:

"I am blown away by the quality of this BOM.  The instructions etc. are excellent.  Such care, even in the packaging of the blocks.  I am so impressed. My daughter and family live in Beaverton and I often visit (at least once a month) and always get to see your shop.  It has become my favorite shop of all......and continues to excel in every way.  It takes a lot to impress me......and you have.  Kudos to all there." 

Awww Carrolyn, you definitely have inspired Jan & Christine to keep going! P.S. Here's a little wave back at you and the rest of our on-line participants from our Thursday night group! Look at how precious they all are! Happy Quilters spreadin' the Farm Girl love!



And here's our Saturday Farm Girl Group...I told them to "get crazy" and they definitely did! LOL. L-O-V-E it. Gee...I wonder how much I can get them to do? What can I say? We have two very fun groups of quilters! I relish fun, happy, smiling, hilarious quilters.


The next four blocks will be heading your way shortly! If you are in our Farm Girl Vintage Block of the Month, Jan has uploaded some quick videos on the Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe YouTube Channel of the various tools we showcased in the in-store meetings to help you. She's even included a Farm Girl Vintage Tool Pack in the Notions section of our website. We can't say enough about the Bloc Loc and the Steady Betty! Everyone should have these tools...especially Steady Betty just because I like the name. "Ohhhh that Betty, she's always steady". "Hey Betty, you wanna go steady?" LOL.  The Steady Betty will insist that you press instead of iron. It truly is the best thing ever. We like Betty in the 12" x 12" for Farm Girl Vintage. 


BTW, you may have noticed a variety of different fabric manufacturers appearing in the Shoppe such as Riley Blake Designs, Lakehouse and these adorable Flower Sugar coordinates (below). Aren't they adorable? I'm sure we can find many uses for these as we travel through Farm Girl Vintage.


As I said at the beginning...there is a lot of seeew-cial-ness going on around the Shoppe.

Personally, I'm glad Summer is over. I'm not a fan of warm weather.  People don't come out because it's "too hot" and everyone is on vacation. If I heard, "It's too hot for quilting" one more time, I was going to shut the doors, lock up and say, "See ya in the fall." LOL. THANKFULLY we saw lots of you despite the heat and THANKFULLY, the "Mothership" had a line up of three talented designers to help you create!  

First up (below) was the American Jane Workshop with the fabulous Sandy Klop! Sandy was here to teach her Sky Diamonds Quilt and trust me when I say they all appreciated her guidance in constructing those blocks.  I didn't get my yearly picture with Sandy, seeew instead we have Elaine and Cynthia! Not only have each of them been longtime customers, but they are very consistent with attendance at our workshops.  Elaine even brought her version of Sandy's "Oh, My Stars" pattern. Isn't it gorge? Sandy's next collection is called "Lorraine" which just happens to be the name of my late grandmother seeew to me it's already very special! The collection can be seen in the last two quilts in the picture below. 



If there is one thing I know for sure it is that the "Mothership" always goes above and beyond when it comes to our workshop experiences. Even with just a basic afternoon table runner class  - she had appetizers ready for those attending the Antler Quilt Design Workshop with Doug Leko! Did you know Doug started quilting at just six years old and then at 14 created Antler Quilt Design? That's impressive!


In addition to his two classes, Doug brought his latest trunk show featuring quilts from his all new book, "Winter's Songto share at our monthly Breakfast Club. We kept the boy busy! The book is definitely one to add to your collection as it contains lots of projects - from runners to quilts! It's one of those books in which you will want to make every project and has a great price! I will add that he is the best at creating patterns to use those Holly Taylor panels! 

Last but not least we were lucky to have the talented Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts teach two different projects in her popular vintage Halloween color palette, Navajo Stars & Spools Quartet. 

In case you don't know who she is...that's her right below in the figgy orange sweater. The one everbody is looking at. All eyes on Joanna. 



As you can see in the photos above, we made the Navajo Stars Quilt in two different styles. One is the four star Halloween version and the other is the nine star version made with Joanna's Somerset collection. We do have complete kits for the nine star version here if you are interested. C'mon you know you wanna. If anything you'll get plenty of that popular green fabric that is practically non-existant these days. 

Before I forget...those watermelon lemonades were to die for. Not kidding. It was like sending my tastebuds to the moon- that's how delicious they were. Of course, whenever Joanna comes to town, she likes French food seeew we took her to La Provence in Lake Oswego where I had the most amazing salad...


Oops! I just became one of those "foodie" people who photograph every meal they eat. Sorry!  

PHEW! Now that I can breathe and reflect, we were BUSY! 

Coming up next is our Wool N' Harvest Workshop with Kathy Cardiff of the Cottage at Cardiff Farms! Have you met her yet? Sweet, sweet, gal and her designs are beautiful! I've got ears that can hear through walls (minus the drinking glass) and from what I've heard the "Mothership" discussing with Kathy, they've got a beautiful sophisticated set of fall projects planned!

I'm just looking forward to the food.

Seriously. Priscilla Queen of the Dessert dropped by the other day to discuss her spread.

Let's just say I'm going to the gym relentlessly until October 3.

Oh and just in case you can't remember what day the workshop is, you can always ask Aaron Samuels....



Alright, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I have caught up with everything we've been doing (or at least I think I have.). That's it for today, but there is always more to share! Seeew stay tuned and stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian

Quilt Mania Sale! 25% off Finished Quilts



Do you ever feel like you're neglecting something that you love oh-seeew-much? That's happening to me right now with the blog. Between emails, Instagram, and Facebook, it dawned on me that there really is just one of me. LOL.  Seriously, as I get older I turn my phone off more than I ever did before. I much prefer realtime interactions anyway. Technology has some great advantages, but it is also creating a huge disconnect. My motto...pick up the phone and call someone. You'll be happy to hear a voice.

I know, right? #whatamIthinking? #whatsaphone?

Seeew, I have plenty more to share and discuss in the days ahead, but I just have to ask, are you receiving our email notifications? If not, you're missing out on the greatest Quilt Sale like...ever! It's Quilt Mania and all of our finished quilts on the website here are 25% the regular price! This is literally the largest sale out of the Mothership's "Quilt Vault." I can't even. LOL. Our storage space is much smaller these days and it was time to clean up the racks. I must say it has been VERY popular with several quilts finding homes over the last 3 weeks. 

The quality of these finished quilts is outstanding and at 25% off, you're getting most of them less than it cost us to make! Yes, we pay our piecers and long arm quilters.  If you don't see one on the website in the pictures below, it has sold out. There's only one of each ladies seeew if you see the one you love, grab it. Lots of styles to select from!

Have a look around and I'll be back with more!

Stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian





BTW...I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm even parting with some of our most treasured Christmas quilts like Jovial Trees! The quilting on that one is phenomenal. Not many long arm quilters want to do what Melissa did around all of those three dimensional trees!




Register Now For Our Wool N' Harvest Workshop!



In the tradition of our annual S.p.R.u.N.g and Homespun & Holly events, this year we are introducing a brand new workshop with special guest designer Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms! Our Wool N' Harvest Workshop celebrates the joy and splendor of Autumn and we can't think of anything better than surrounding yourself in a festive Autumn atmosphere, creating three fabulous handmade projects. I just happen to know that the "Mothership" is looking at some cute yet sophisticated projects to tickle your cobbler! Not only will it be completely worth it, but may I add that golden friendships and a harvest sized feast round out the day? 

This one day only workshop is $125.00 per person and includes supplies to create our three secret projects. That's right...three! And the best part? You don't need to worry about bringing a thing beyond your basic sewing supplies (scissors, needles, etc.) No sewing machines are required. We've got you covered! In addition, you will receive instruction on completing the projects and a harvest sized meal from our Hostess with The Mostess...Priscilla Queen of the Dessert! Gather 'round everyone! 

Personally I can't WAIT to start decorating our workshop space for fall! I'm not gonna lie...I also can't wait to see what Priscilla cooks up! I mean think about it...a fall themed menu says to me PUMPKIN PIE! I can feel my belt getting tighter but it's totally worth it! We are all dieting out here (plant based proteins only) and the other day I was seeew hungry I could have eaten a calf. I mean, if you've followed this blog since it was dirt, you know that when I'm stressed I used to gnaw on a cube of cheese. Well...that had to stop at 40. 

Anyway...where the heck was I? 

The "Mothership" and Christine have been working on several projects for fall, which I'm sure will be on display. Why...here's one of them now as a work in progress! No, this is not one of the projects for the worksho (that would take much longer than a day)...it's actually an upcoming project that will be available as a kit. I'll let you know when it's ready! 



And then there's this lovely below which will have wool pumpkins appliqued around all of the borders (not shown). 


Also in the works...kits for the Owl and the Black Cat Pinkeeps from Buttermilk Basin are returning! Seeew be on the look-out for them as they do go fast once we've got them back in stock! 


If you remember the Shoppe from last year, we had quite a bit of fall decor seeew I will repeat myself when I say, I can't wait to see what we come up with for this brand new workshop! Can ya tell I'm a bit excited? Stoked? The possibilities are endless! 


As I leave you today, I just want to thank those of you who support not just our Shoppe but all brick and mortar stores! Brick and mortar stores are VITAL (did you hear that...VITAL) to your local communities! Our historic community has grown over the last year as we've welcomed new shopping experiences to the area. In fact, Morrow's Flowers has recently relocated into part of our old location! It has been a great Summer here in historic West Linn, and we look forward to seeing you throughout the fall! 

If you are planning to attend our inaugural Wool N' Harvest Workshop, be sure to register soon as the seats for this workshop will be more limited than our other workshops. 

Be back soon! ~ Brian

The Row by Row Experience Ends September 8! Our Row Kits Are Back In Stock!



For the next couple of posts, we are going to play catch-up with some of the things that you may have missed in June & July.  Can you believe it's August already? Remember when we were kids? Summer seemed like forever. As we get older it just gets shorter and shorter and shorter. I hear these young people today say "they're exahusted." Pffff. They don't have a clue. LOL. Now, my niece...she's a different story. She never wants to go to bed and I'm sitting there thinking,  "Oh girl...you're going to relish that time in bed when you're older. Seeew get over it and get on upstairs to bed." Uncle Brian is worse than Mary Poppins. This isn't a jolly holiday, Mary. 

The quilt above is our Morris Pineapple Quilt Kit. The "Mothership" wanted a pineapple quilt in the Shoppe and she wanted it...in Indigo. I know. I know. She says she wants to do something...and she does it. The prints throughout the quilt range from denim patchwork, fashionable ikat prints, along with a few bold geometrics. The grace of a William Morris border softens the entire quilt with a dramatic elegance. 


Obviously the biggest news of the entire summer season is the national Row By Row Experience which kicked off at the end of June and continues through September 8, 2015. You have until October 31, 2015 to submit your quilt for a prize.  In case you haven't noticed, this year's theme is....water.

Have you picked up your row pattern yet?

During the "experience" collect row patterns from participating brick and mortar stores across the country. Complete a quilt using at least 8 different rows from 8 different 2015 participating stores. Be the first one to bring your completed quilt into a shop and win 25 FQ's! 

The "Mothership" designed our row called, "Swan Lake."  You can order our kit at www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.com, but it's important to know that your kit will not ship until after November 1, 2015.  If you want the kit or pattern before then, you must make a trip to the Shoppe.

Did you hear me? You MUST! LOL. You'd think I had to drag you kickin' and screamin'. Of course, I'll invite you in to stay awhile and shop. Who doesn't love shopping? Don't forget to pay in cash for a chance to win our monthly $25 Gift Card! I just called Lorraine Burgio of Oregon City, OR to tell her she won for July! Woo-hoo Lorraine! 

P.S. Even if you were in the Shoppe when we were sold out, you still need to come to the Shoppe and pick up your kit. You may also have it mailed to you but only after November 1, 2015. Those are the rules of Row by Row and what we have been told by the Oregon coordinator. We will not break the rules on this, seeew please do not ask our staff to do seeew


Our kit for Swan Lake is $24.99 and includes the pattern, Soft Fuse, fabrics for the background, water, land, borders and binding. Keep in mind many of these fabrics are batiks. A laser cut kit for the blades of grass, swan bodies including wings and beaks is included. The Soft Fuse is already applied. Love that "Mothership" ....always going above and beyond! We have already sold out once, but I'm happy to report we have more available which should last through the end of the event! Fingers crossed.

My best advice however is....don't wait otherwise...


The winner of our 25 Fat Quarters (along with a bonus prize for using our row) was Pam Larson of Bend, OR.  Here she is with her daughter Sarah Dalisky! For a complete list of shops Pam's rows are from visit our Facebook page and look for the entry with this picture. Didn't she do a wonderful job? She also got a bonus prize for using our row! Thank you Pam! We definitely enjoy getting to know our customers! 


Seeew that's the re-cap of the Row by Row Experience. Hopefully other shops are sharing the experience in their store communications as well! Remember it all ends on September 8. Make sure to shop your local brick and mortar stores until then and pick up your free pattern!

I'll be back with more from Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe (there's always more ladies and gents) but in the meantime, say hi and stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian